Education for an Awakening World # 4 – Dean Clifford and Scott Bartie

Mystic Owl

In the last week Jean Haines has been asking people to join her in a pursuit of educating herself and others about Common Law and the Common Law Grand Jury.

Here is a video presentation by Dean Clifford.  I heard about Dean over  two years ago and shared this information with my spiritual/ascension group, Soululaire.

Jean recently shared it on her blog, so I felt inclined to post it here as well.  Dean is from Canada and Scott Bartie is from  Australia.  I know that these are different countries than the USA, but the unconstitutional corporate take over and corporate procedures are  the same in all of these countries as well as here in the USA.  I hope you feel this is as enlightening as I do.

More to come.

Much love and blessings, Athena





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