Becoming Unlimited Prayer

I recently gave a talk to my friends in Salt Lake City, Utah about Becoming Unlimited. The night before the event I was awakened by thoughts of what I wanted to say.  I was inspired to write this Louise Hay style affirmation at 3:00 am, and thought I would share it with you because it nicely encapsulates my Becoming Unlimited message.


In the Infinity of Life where I am, all is perfect, whole and complete. I am one with God, the Power that created me. I rejoice in the knowledge that I am filled with the Infinite and Eternal Love, Light, Life and Goodness of the Universe.

I lovingly release and forgive All of the past with gratitude for the lessons I have learned.

As I move forward in faith I reach up to unite with my Higher Self and All That Is. I now choose to learn and grow through experiences of Love, Joy, Acceptance, Abundance and Freedom, thus allowing myself to  Become Unlimited.

Without looking back I consciously leave All suffering, fear and limiting thoughts, feelings, beliefs and conditions behind. I honor others’ process by stepping aside from their dramas, allowing them to learn and grow in their own way and in their own time.

I lovingly step into my own gentle, nurturing and healing self-care, thus harmonizing and balancing my own precious energy field.

I find Relief, Exhilaration, and Joy-filled Freedom as I move with Ease and Grace into my new reality.

All is Well in my Body.
All is Well in my Mind.
All is Well in my Heart and in my Soul.
All is Well in my World.
And so it is,and it is so in the name and through the power of Christ. Amen

With Love,


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