Prayer of Light

In the Infinity of Life where I Am, All is Perfect, Whole and Complete. I am One with God, the loving Power that created me. I rejoice in the knowledge that I am filled with the Infinite and Eternal Love, Light, Life and Goodness of the Universe.

I give gratitude to You this day for always Protecting me from harm. For Guiding and Directing me along the path of spiritual growth and ascension.

Thank you for Loving me and being my best friend. You are within me and I am within You, and we are One. You know me better than I know myself.

Thank you for Supporting me, for you are the Source of my supply. You give my life, purpose and empowerment to press forward.

I feel grateful to be alive during this momentous time on Earth, as she and humanity transmutes negativity into Light and Ascends into the Golden Age.

I am humbled by the opportunity to Forgive and be Forgiven. As I strive to expand my consciousness, I sometimes fall short in my weakness, and with your encouragement I am given the strength to try again.

As you Deliver me from negative perceptions of myself and my life, I am released of the limiting programs of the past. The Truth of who I am is revealed and I come to know that I am a literal Son or Daughter of the Light. This allows me to Own my Divinity and connect with All That Is.

With this enlightened perspective, the wounds in my heart and soul are healed. I feel the fear and unworthiness gently dissolve away as the warmth of Your Love and Light fill my entire being.

In sincere appreciation for these many gifts and blessings I honor Your Divinity and Love, for I am now healed, blessed and free.

All is Well in my Body.

All is Well in my Mind.

All is Well in my Heart and in my Soul.

All is Well in my World.

And so it is. And it is so. In the name and loving power of Christ it is done.

Dear Father God,

Thank you for Protecting me. Guiding and Directing me. Loving and Supporting me. Forgiving and Delivering me. Healing and Freeing me, in Every Way, Every Day. Amen

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