Oracle Report – Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Symbol of An Alien Sky

Tuesday, July 15, 2014 – – Laura Walker




Full Moon Phase: enlightenment

Moon in Pisces

Ruling Mahavidya: Dhumavati (The Goddess of Mirrors) and Kali (The Destroyer)

Skill: be like the wise owl in a tree peering out

Negative Imprint: indecision with multiple choices; feeling restricted or trapped; denial; prolonged escapism; martyrdom; disillusionment; destabilization

Positive Imprint: clarity; balance; inner wisdom; gut instincts, seeing on the horizon, creativity


Today is a day that calls for practicing the skill of being like a wise owl inside a tree peering out and observing what is happening. It’s a special skill that involves moving your consciousness inside of yourself while immersed in the activities of your day. This is especially true for those activities that take place outside of your home (essentially in the “real world” of the matrix).

The shamanic skill of being like a wise owl in a tree is a state of consciousness that holds the mind of humanity in place when chaotic energies and events are underway. The impending retrograde and direct motion of several planets causes this type of chaos. When multiple planets change direction around the same time (as discussed in the latest audio recording), changes come very rapidly. It’s somewhat destabilizing. Destabilization is the new world order’s primary mission right now, and their efforts are trickling down to put pressure on systems and people. It’s an attack.

And so wise owls are called upon to maintain a grounded, centered, balanced connection with the planet to help keep the collective experience of humanity from flying off and being sucked into the minds of the Archons. When we practice the skill of the wise owl in a tree, we are reinforcing – re-empowering – all of the varieties of “grid work.” We are the calm in the crisis. This is because we are able to maintain a spiritual perspective while the chaos swirls. We can be in the two worlds at once – the outer world of the new world order’s matrix and the real world of natural order with Gaia Sophia.

The energy actually favors inner work. We have a natural instinct to retreat, walk away, or escape from something. We are also inclined to see very clearly, as the Full Moon continues to illuminate something important for us. If you are experiencing disappointment or disenchantment about something, it will help to voice or express it. If you’ve been neglecting yourself (especially your physical body), there is ample energy to start taking better care. If you feel overwhelmed by choices or the pressure to make choices, step back for a bit. Let things be for a short time and then see how you feel.

The stance of the wise owl in a tree also helps us avoid mental “traps” that can occur under changeable astrological aspects. Pay careful attention to any gut instincts today. If you feel like you are being led into a trap – a trap of commitment, a trap of investment, a trap of believing a certain way, a trap of self-sabotage, anything – follow your instinct!

Keep in mind that the only things that should be sacrificed today are the things that limit, restrict, and control us – especially limitations on our minds.

The energy is particularly dreamy and naturally engages our imaginations with flights of fancy. Wondrous things can be created. A meal, a group, a melody, a poem, a vision, a conversation, a walk can be infused with love. This makes the act more meaningful. Simple things done with love are affirmations of life, and therefore are powerful medicine.

Reinforce your grounded connection with Gaia Sophia and remember that the instant cure for worries and overwhelming emotions is to go outside and sit/be in nature. Restoration of mental stability and clarity are only footsteps away.

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Underwater Palace Window

Underwater Palace Window by Kathleen Gray –

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