James Gilliland – We Are In A Transdimensional War

Hi  Friends,

I recently saw these two videos on youtube by one of my favorite spiritual teachers, James Gilliland of ECETI Ranch, and felt that the information was in resonance with the Apocalyptic Breakthrough workshop I gave last Saturday, February 4, 2017.

At the workshop we talked about many of the same things that James discusses below.

I am currently working on the recap notes for the workshop that I will be posting here on Ascension Project 2012 (AP2012).  The notes will come in a series of posts beginning with Cosmic Waves and Solar Rays. 

Things are heating up (which is ironic since we are rapidly moving into a mini Ice Age) both on the ground and in the skies.  Much of the news  is happening behind the scenes or is deliberately being under reported or simply ignored by the legacy media.  Despite their efforts to keep certain information in the dark, the Great Revealing of Truth cannot be stopped.

I send you much love during this intense time of transition.




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