Your Body Is NOT Your Enemy


I work in a doctor’s office and every day I see and hear people complain about their bodies.  I understand where they are coming from because I have done the same thing in my life.  When I was young I was diagnosed with a chronic illness and felt like my body had turned against me.  I felt betrayed by my body and so I complained all the time about her.

It wasn’t until I had my first near death experience that I realized that my body is my friend and it loves me.  It wasn’t her fault that I was sick.  My spirit guides revealed that my body was trying to tell me that I had unresolved emotional pain.  What I was really suffering from was a broken heart and wounded soul.  My illness manifested from my own unloving thoughts, feelings and beliefs about myself and my life, and my own negative self-talk toward my body had only made things worse.

They shared with me that every organ, bone, muscle, cell, molecule, atom and sub-atomic particle is conscious and intelligent, and filled with the loving life force of the creator.  I was taught that my own negativity was adversely affecting the life force in my body and therefore I was dying.

The interesting thing is that I was shown that my illness was also caused by taking on other people’s emotional pain through a process of environmental frequency transference.  This process has now been explained by Dr. Bruce Lipton in his ground breaking book The Biology of Belief and was spot lighted in the documentary film The Living Matrix.

He described it as the “adopted child syndrome”, explaining that when a child is adopted into a family with completely different genes, that through this frequency transference the adopted child can still contract the family illness.

Even though, none of this information was available at the time I had my experience in 1996, this was explained to me by my guides but in much simpler terms.  They told me that since my body is made from the frequencies of love and light and every organ, cell, molecule and sub-atomic particle as well as the space in between is filled with intelligence and consciousness it can hear and feel me on every level, physically, verbally, emotionally and spiritually.  In my case, both scenarios were true, negative beliefs and environmental frequency transference created the dying scenario I was in.

While reliving some of my past experiences, my guides used the Socratic method to question me about what I was seeing to help me realize that I had taken on some negative beliefs from the family that I was adopted into, specifically my mother, that manifested juvenile diabetes into my body, which was not part of my natural genetic makeup.

After I had received this information I felt terrible about how poorly I had treated my body.  Because my self-talk regarding my body had been so negative and mean, I now found myself on the verge of death knowing that I had done this to myself.

I asked the creator to forgive me for the negativity I had inflicted on my body and to help me release the frequencies from my adoptive mother.  I would visualize every day that the creators loving life force was entering my body through my crown chakra and filled my entire body from head to toe, all the way through to my atoms and sub atomic particles. I would lie in bed crying, asking my body to forgive me. I would spend hours doing the Ho’oponopono to every part of my body.  I Love you. Please forgive me. I am so sorry.  Thank you for all you do for me.

Fortunately for me, my prayers were answered, and with 3 more near death experiences I was given tools to keep me alive until I received a double organ transplant that saved my life.  Even after 18 years my doctors are amazed that I am still alive and doing so well.  These tools that kept me alive is what I teach at Soululaire.

The reason I’m going on this long diatribe is because I wanted to share what can happen when you don’t love, appreciate and befriend your body.   It can truly make your life so difficult.  If we are to ascend it is imperative to love every part of ourselves. Love is the most powerful force in the Universe.  If there is something that isn’t working in your body or your life, the best thing to do is love it better.

Your body is not your enemy. Please stop taking your emotional pain and unresolved issues out on your body. Start by speaking kindly and gently to and about your body, befriend it, and do things to support and appreciate him/her every day.  Please forgive yourself and your body for what happened in the past, and begin to love your body and your life well.

Love and Blessings,


P.S. I also recommend You Can Heal Your Life  by Louise L. Hay and Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, by Karol K. Truman

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