Lee Harris Energy Forecast April 2015 – Stepping Into Power and Peace

Published on Apr 3, 2015 by Lee Harris Energy

Lee’s April 2015 Energy Forecast – April Awakenings – Stepping Into Power and Peace

Hello everybody and welcome to the Energy Forecast for April 2015.

I hope you’re all doing well. I know that March was super intense. And depending on how you’re doing in your life—or how you’re doing in your own process around how you feel about life—that energy was going take you to some really high highs or some really intense lows. Such was the propulsive energy of March.

In last month’s forecast, I said a lot about the intensity of speed and about background issues in your life rising to the surface to be resolved. I spoke about boundaries. I also stressed the energy of anger and rage and how that might come up for you, and you might feel a very strong compulsion to express that.

This month is almost the opposite where communication is concerned.

Communication reset 

Heart and third eye are going to be opening very strongly this month. That’s the opportunity for all of us; that our hearts and our visionary aspect (the part of us that can vision ahead, re-create our lives, and re-shape where we are going) are going to be very active.

But interestingly, that means that the throat is going to be a little strange this month as an experience. So communicating in April might be something that you don’t feel called to do very often at all, particularly those of you who are highly expressive people, those of you who are big communicators. You either like to talk or you like to create. You might find that you “power down” on talking and creating in April, simply because you’re going through a reset.

The way that energy moves is that we take it in turns with each area of the body—to open or expand. And so March was very propulsive and was driving a lot of energy from our base up through the body, which was why “explosions” could happen.

For example, think of a fireball between your hips, rising up and expanding as it rushes through you. Another place you may experience this energy is if you’re a meditator or a yogi. You may also notice it during sex. There is a rise of energy that comes from that part of the body, and it can move through the whole body—this is tantric.

When that’s happening in daily life without any of those catalysts, it creates an energy flush around your relationships and other areas of your life. Of that flush, there is only so much we can take before we need to, not only calm the energy system down, but more importantly, give ourselves room for these new energies to take shape in our lives.

Working without suffering 

You have to remember that we were trained, in our Western society particularly, to be very achievement and goal focused and to be quite relentless in our way of working. You know this well: you do your job; work to exhaustion; get a few days off a year, and then you have a holiday. And often during the holiday people get sick because they are recovering.

That is the paradigm that we’re essentially dissolving on Earth now as a collective. Slowly, but surely. Yes, I hear many of you saying, “I’m still in my job…I still have to work,” and I get it. There are very few of us who don’t work for a living in order to survive financially. However, I would also add that most of the people I know who have come into great wealth still carry on doing what they do because it’s an expression of their purpose.

I would argue that if you’re really struggling with the job you’re in, it’s not that you hate working; it’s that you’re doing the wrong thing. So be patient because sometimes it can take a year or so to change jobs.

And don’t just sit there and be angry at your job. Actually consider: What can I do to change this? I do have the power to change.
Even if you’re supporting a family, or if you feel like the world is stacked against you, what can you do to change things?

If you are internally suffering with what you’re doing, there is a better way. And you can re-create the same circumstances that you’re in right now (or similar) with far less suffering. That is the path of evolution for all of us.

So if you’re suffering and feeling angry about it—and feeling angry at the rest of the world about it—really give that some consideration this month. Because the problem with that attitude and that way of feeling is the only person who is really being blocked is you.

Once you can move through those feelings of anger and let them rise through your system, you’ll open out again. This is how energy dances through us.

April energy currents – calmer, wider, and hyper-attuned

And so energy was dancing like a banshee in March. It was the wild dancer. And in April it is certainly going to be a lot calmer…and a lot wider.

I should add the caveat that of course we’re in faster feeling times than ever before and that will continue. But as we acclimate to it, as I said in March, we’re training ourselves now to almost hyper-feeling, hyper-seeing, hyper-awareness. We’re getting used to a new level of such awakened living on the planet.

You may say, “Well I know people who aren’t awake.” Yes, but they too are going through high catalysts into emotion, feeling, and connected living. They may not have the same conscious language or experience around it that you do, but we are all in this together. Even if you like to think of yourself as very separate from the rest of the world. We’re all on the planet at the same time having different experiences in different layers, but all going through, as I said last month, a very new time on Earth that takes time to learn to navigate.

Synchronicities and making space for yourself

Synchronicities will be even more apparent to you in April than they were in March because you will have more space—even if you don’t think this is true. Even if you say, “Well, actually, I’m booked up for weeks. I’m really, really busy,” you won’t be able to stay internally busy with external busyness. You’ll need to balance. It’s the law of energetics.

So, if you are busy in your external world, this is a great opportunity for you to recognize that you don’t need to hype it up internally as well. The external is going to keep you rising and asking you to step up. This is a great opportunity to recognize that sometimes you’re working too hard. Sometimes you’re doing too much. And that’s because of your own guilt or your own ideas.

You could turn up to your job this month and give, let’s say, 30% less energy and focus to your job than you normally do, and the scary thing for you is that a lot of people won’t even notice. Your boss probably won’t even notice. And it’s not because no one is paying attention to your hard work. It’s that the internal taskmaster in you is harder on you than anyone else.

Your inherent worth – from suffering to light

Again, if some of you are saying, “Actually, I’ve got a really abusive boss,” I would ask you to get out of that job as soon as you can, because your life is worth more than living with abuse. And while you may need 3 to 6 months to be emotionally ready or practically ready to make that change, you don’t have to live in suffering.

There is suffering everywhere on the planet, and our job is to get as much light inside ourselves as we can so we can be of use to alleviate the suffering on the planet.

To know your purpose, connect to yourself

I did a Google Hangout yesterday that was focused on my upcoming Energy Mastery Retreat in Colorado in April and someone asked, “Will the Energy Mastery Retreat help me find my purpose, especially purpose through my work?”

My answer was that the Energy Mastery Retreat, and all of the work that I do, is very much focused on bringing you back to you. And the point is that when you are living fully, authentically as yourself, you are going to be more purposeful and feel more connected in anything that you’re doing.
But the irony is that we often want a purposeful job because we don’t feel purposeful within ourselves. We’re hoping that if we have a purposeful job we will feel more purposeful.

Manifesting from feeling and surrendering the details

I have said several times that whenever you’re trying to manifest something, ask yourself, what are you manifesting it for?

For example, if you want a red Ferrari, why? Because you don’t just want a red Ferrari. What is more important is discovering what is it about the red Ferrari that excites you. What do you think it will give you or make possible for you? What is the feeling that you believe it will give you or elicit in you?

While the Ferrari might be an odd example for some of you, my point is that we often try to manifest through form a particular feeling we want to have. Traditional advice around manifestation says to focus on the thing you want—the job, the home, the bank account, the lover, etc. But when you focus on the feelings you want and let go of the outer details, the Universe and you are co-conspiring to elevate the details.

So you might think that being a chef is going make you the happiest person in the world, and you’re driving yourself into the ground to try and pay for culinary school. But the truth is, being a chef is really about having a job that you feel joyful about. So if you just keep focusing on, “I want to feel great joy in my work,” you will begin to feel joy in your chef training rather than feeling so hyped and driven. Or, you may discover another job comes into your life that gives you all the same feelings.

This is called manifesting from desired feelings and surrendering the details to the universe.

Beyond status and achievement – stepping into power and peace

As I mentioned earlier about the energy that many of you put into your jobs, what a lot of you will notice in April is there will be more peace in you around having less drive or no drive. This is a really important aspect of the change that’s happening collectively. We’re coming to a place where we can just be.

I’m here today in Glen Park Canyon in San Francisco. It’s a beautiful place. I had to walk quite a long way to get to where it was quiet, but as I was walking here, I was noticing the nature sounds and was thinking, “Well this is amazing. I’m having this beautiful nature walk on the way to doing my work.”

There is a quality of experience on Earth that has nothing to do with status or achievement. And I can hear some voices now saying, “Yeah, but what about all the other people who are driving towards status and achievement?!”

Don’t worry about the other people.

And if you are worrying about the other people, you’re not being completely honest with yourself; you’re not being honest with yourself about some part of you that doesn’t want to let it go. The indicator of this is that you’re so focused on them not letting it go.

Never mind about everybody else. Everybody else will do what they’re going to do. And you will be far more powerful if you come to a place in yourself where you can say, “I know what I want to do.”

Boundaries and openness

In our society—which is tribalist; a collective—we’re highly affected by the opinions and energies of others. I know for so many of us it has been a really long path to get to the place where we don’t care what other people think. That comes from feeling empathic. You might worry about how you’re going to feel if someone pushes difficult energies or opinions on you. That’s why we talk about boundaries a lot. You have to learn boundaries in order to be able to open.

But you may also feel scared of your own power. And you may be scared of not just what you might do in this world, but what you might feel in this world; the level of vulnerability and openness that could appear in you any day now.

But it’s good to remember that any group or individual who is trying to inflict suffering on another is coming from a very small, closed-hearted place. And so the best remedy you can be for this world—and to find your purpose as to how you can show up and contribute—is to keep learning to open.

Heart energy rising – vulnerability and trust

Vulnerability is scary for all of us because vulnerability often triggers our safety issues. But the truth is, what is safety? We hear of random things that happen to people and random moments all of the time. And we like to think that we’re immune to that, but we’re not. So safety is very momentary, and more importantly, I have learned the more you trust the Universe and trust the flow of your life—and agree to surrender more rather than control and drive—you get to drop into the vulnerability that will be quite prevalent in April.

And vulnerability that we are willing to meet and to work towards can create magic in our lives.

Because the heart energy is going to rise in April, the third eye vision energy is going to rise also. So for those of you that can take more space in April, take more space. But unlike other months where I’ve recommended this because the energy was too busy and too frantic, take this space as a holiday. Take this space as a moment to really just stretch out and catch up with everything you have learned and integrated—and with everything that has changed you.

Linking up with the Universe

As for communication, don’t be surprised if it’s a little funny this month. As I said earlier, some of you may find you’re stumbling over words, and you’re really struggling to get the words out.
Again, I can hear a load of you saying, “I’ve been like that for ages.” The thing about the energy forecast is I try and cover as many subgroups as I can within the thousands of you who will watch this. So you’re not going to identify with everything I’m saying, but there are certain months where there seems to be a collective rising in certain areas. And this month the heart and the visionary ability are coming through loud and clear. As the body tends to weave to keep processing you through the next thing, last month we had a lot around the base and the throat.

So communication may be a little strange this month, and you may not feel very willing to communicate.

You will notice that you will have more vulnerability, more feeling, and a greater ability to just stop and look at the tree and say, “Wow, look at this. It’s amazing!”

It is an amazing planet, and so many forces on this planet would like us to think it isn’t.

They would like us to continue to believe in the idea of control and slavery and suffering. And the point is, if we agree to those impulses—if we agree to allow the media to tell us that everything is going to hell in a handbasket, to use an American saying—then we will manifest that. You see, the power of your ability to help create things on this planet is very potent. And so if a certain group wants you to be scared about the oncoming event that they want to create, they will get all of us to focus on it and be scared of it. And then we will help create it through visioning it.

So this is why as an energy master of yourself, you have to learn to reclaim your inner self and link up with the Universe. Link up with the part of you that came here as a divine being, as a soul with your own blueprint that is highly readable. It’s set out in front of you. Try and let go of all of the aspects that you perhaps swallowed over the years but aren’t really going to help you on your personal journey toward bringing your strength and your love to this planet.

That’s what we’re doing here every month.

Breathing and finding balance

So, big love everybody. Big breath.

It’s good. It’s a good time to be alive in terms of all of the changes, and I say that with a high awareness that there is going to be some controversy around that statement. Because there are as many people who want to jump on that statement negatively as there are who actually see the really strong changes taking place.

It’s incredible to see the innovations that are now beginning to take place. And if we keep focusing on a balance of seeing the innovation and positive change as much as we hold in our awareness the areas where there is suffering and that really need our help, then we are living a balanced life. I suggest finding your place in the middle as much as is possible on this ever-changing planet every single day.

So, big love everyone, and I hope that you all have a really, really great month. Thanks for tuning in.
Thank you to all of you to send in donations. It means a lot to us, and it really supports what we’re doing here and how we create and put out this work.

And I’m happy to announce that very soon there will be stand-alone videos. I’ll let you know in about a month or so, but I’m about to start releasing standalone videos to YouTube. Different from energy forecasts, they will be shorter videos that deal with certain energetics – so you can just check in on them at any time.

So for those of you who want to donate, you can donate here. And for those of you who donate with love and nice messages, thank you so much, that means the world.

And if you are interested in my Energy Mastery Retreat, there is going to be one in Colorado in the middle of April, and we still have a few spaces left. You can check that out here. And I will see you all next month in May.

Have a great month everyone.

Lots of love

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