Mike Harris of VT Interviews Benjamin Fulford


Published on Apr 3, 2015 by Galactic Connection

A very fascinating interview with Benjamin Fulford & Mike Harris discussing the current state of affairs. This is a crucial time where the power is shifting to the east.

Ben’s Closing Thoughts:

We have not been in charge of creating our own future, and now we’re suddenly going ot be set free.

What is the world we want to make? And how can we practically make it happen.

But before that we need to clean up the earth, of the Hyksos, our own minds, and the environment.

Nice to have a big ceremony, with the end of the old and the start of the new.

Use these crazy Blue Beam technologies to have a big show, all over the world.

These systems of control are so ancient, we really need to look at what we value, and see if it’s serving us.

The Gregorian Calendar is one example.

This is a good chance to reset, and have a fresh start.

We need to ask ourselves what system do we want to create, and how can we make it fair and honorable.

What is really happening out there? Is our reality a digital simulation? If thats true we maybe able to ‘re-write’ the operating system, and
change the way we think about everything.

Once we really know about all these deeply hidden truths, we are going to see an explosion of growth and development in humanity.
We’re on the verge of that shift now, a nuclear explosion of consciousness expansion. No sure how quickly it will happen, but sure it will.

We can achieve immortality on this planet, the technology and knowledge exists.

So much is going to change for what we think we can do.

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