Alfred Webre: Expose Massive Ebola / Martial Law False Flag and Prevent Mega Depopulation [video]

Thanks To Alfred Webre for this Expose and his tireless effort to reveal truth. BP as always, thanks for posting this information. Athena

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

To illustrate that the Ebola Hoax is just that—a false flag attempt to control the US population—here is a quote from the Russian TV documentary in which David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford, among others, expose a great deal of important information previously hidden from most Americans—and the world.

“…however, the introduction of viruses is half the battle. By scaring uneducated people with epidemics, it is possible to feed them all kinds of vaccines.”  (stated at 1:25:42 in the video)

You see, it’s been done before, and worked beautifully. Rinse and repeat.

PLEASE don’t accept any vaccines, no matter in what country you reside. They tend to be laced with toxic ingredients and viruses.

Here’s Alfred Webre’s contribution to expose this insane but predictable plan by the cabal to take down America.  Thank you, Alfred.  ~ BP


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