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Bix Weir: Silver Blockbuster . . . “Golden Secrets”

I’m not pushing Bix’s efforts to sell silver. I’m publishing this because this is one of the first ‘media’ places I have seen anyone state that there is far more gold out there than we have been told. . . and the amounts he suggests I think are miniscule to what actually exists. . . ~J

I have had some HUGE revelations traveling this Road. One of the biggest was my realization in 2009 that there is a massive conspiracy to cover-up the fact that there is a whole lot more PHYSICAL GOLD available in the world than the “Powers That Be” want us to know about. I never want to hear this ridiculous saying ever again…

“All the gold ever mined in the world would fit into two Olympic sized swimming pools.”


It’s not true. Maybe 20 Olympic sized pools! It’s a HUGE lie propagated originally by Harry Oppenheimer (Anglo American Mines & De Beers Diamonds) to control the price of gold in the 1960’s and carried on by the likes of Jeff Christian (CPM Group) today to save his beloved gold derivative market. There is not 170,000 tons of gold ever mined in the world…there are MILLIONS OF TONS OF GOLD!!!

It’s all here:

Golden Secrets

That doesn’t mean that gold is less valuable than the fiat number $1,300/oz…it’s not. It’s rigged just like every other commodity.

But it does mean that SILVER is a much better investment when the TRUTH is unveiled. When the conspiracy of gold/silver market manipulation is stopped SILVER will be the big winner!

SILVER will “Melt The Witch: when called upon to do so.

Consider this a reminder to Swap your Gold for Silver…if you haven’t already 🙂

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

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