The Science of Ascension – A Quantum Solar Shift

Hi Friends,

Here is a great video that sums up a lot of things that we have been talking about   at AP2012 and Soululaire since 2009.

More information about  Ascension  through Cosmic Waves and Solar Rays.  He even uses the same sources that we have presented for years.

You got to love truth seeking and finding.

I encourage you to check some of these things out on your own. It is truly fascinating.  Have Fun!

Love you,

Destroying The Illusion    Published on Apr 24, 2017

  • Here is a gathering of different physicists research in an effort to explain what the heck is going on with our solar system, and what it means for us.
  • Chapter 8 of “The Divine Cosmos” by David Wilcock: “THE TRANSFORMATION OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM” –
  • Stillness in the Storm: “The Energetic Evolution of The Solar System | At the Earth’s Core: The Geophysics of Planetary Evolution” –
  • Black Project Insider Daniel’s Papers (See: Time and Timelines describing the Ascension process) – Solar Revolution on
(Documentary I am gifting for 48 hours from the time I upload this vid! Watch and share fast!!) –…

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