Carl Boudreau – Astrology for September 18 – October 2015 – The Threshold

Astrology Status for 09/18 – October 2015: The Threshold

by Carl Boudreau
September 18, 2015 at 7:22pm

Not Just Another Ingress

zodiac_blueI think the best way to understand October 2015 is as a followup to Saturn’s re-entry into Sagittarius for the full transit. This ingress is one of those astrological events whose truly immense significance can easily be missed.

It’s true that October will be about coming to terms with the complexity and difficulty of the energies unleashed in September, among other things (

But the deeper astrological truth about October is that it will help us once again bring the gifts of Saturn to bear against injustice, inequality, exploitation and oppression. Saturn’s Sagittarius ingress will end a hazardous, decades long odyssey for Saturn and the world.

Saturn and the Major Planetary Cycles

Astrologers who study the long term, pay special attention to the cycles of the outer planets: Saturn/Pluto, Uranus/Pluto, Neptune/Pluto cycles, etc., etc. In this post, I will be primarily concerned with recent Saturn cycles.

Such cycles begin with a conjunction and end when the two bodies return to conjunction decades later. In the first half of these cycles, beginning just after the initial conjunction, the planets move toward opposition. During this phase, until the point of opposition, the faster moving, separating planet, remains subordinated to the the slower moving planet.

Beginning in 1980, all of the outer planets, including Saturn, gathered in a fairly tight grouping in signs closely identified with the 1% – power signs. Consequently, all of their Saturn cycles began at roughly the same time.

As a result, during those years, Saturn was subordinated to Uranus. Uranus was subordinated to Neptune. Neptune was in turn subordinated to Pluto. The combined power of all the outer planets was subordinated to the power of Pluto. The power of the outer planets was woven into a single intense current of social, economic and political power under the sway of Pluto, a planet associated with the use of power for its own sake.

Pluto would be supreme. Saturn would remain in a deeply subordinate, weakened position in relation to the other outer planets for the better part of the next 30 years. While Saturn was so subordinated, the world, freed from the discipline of careful thought and hard work, would get progressively more out of control.




Advantage the 1%

This alignment took place in the signs Libra thru Pisces – signs closely associated with society’s social, cultural, economic and political elites – the 1%. This new concentration of power was in addition to the considerable advantage the elite already had by virtue of their position in society.

Under the influence of this grand alignment, every conceivable effort was made to channel social, cultural economic and political power into the hands of the 1%.

A World Without Saturn

Saturn stands for sober and objective judgment. It tests our reasoning, our skills and our assets against reality. It imposes discipline and hard work. It engenders good conscience and strength of character.

Saturn is blind to privilege. Its reason is unfailingly rigorous. Its commitment to the truth is unimpeachable. Its sword cuts both ways.

With Saturn subordinated to Pluto, et. al., little if any defense remained against the accumulation and inevitable abuse of power by the overly empowered 1%.

With Saturn’s influence so seriously impaired, rules were bent and broken with relative impunity. Science and sound reasoning took a back seat to demagoguery. The truth gave way to outright lies. The public conscience was muted. Nothing was out of bounds if it increased the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the 1%.

The grand alignment has been breaking up slowly for some years, now, and it will continue to break up in slow stages over the coming decades.

One of the things we can look forward to in the near term, though, is the return of Saturn’s power. Saturn will dramatically re-empower those among us who fight for social, political and economic justice.

Saturn in Sagittarius, a Major Milestone

As explained above, during a Saturn cycle, Saturn will initially break free of the slower moving planet’s dominance at the halfway point, at the opposition. Saturn does not actually come into its own, however, until it squares the slower planet in the final quarter of the cycle, as it returns to conjunction.

Accordingly, Saturn reasserted some of its power when it squared Pluto from Libra in 2009-12. Saturn will assert significantly more of its power as it squares Neptune from Sagittarius.

In fact, Saturn in Sagittarius is forming a T-Square with Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. The intense, prolonged friction from this T-Square will affect all of the mutable signs – the signs that govern the creation, maintenance and dissemination of thought.

In so doing, the T-Square will burn off the grit of lies that has frozen the gears of reason. It will dispel the fogs that blind people to the truth and to their own best interests.

Saturn’s Sagittarius ingress will, in effect, empower those who speak truth to power. It will awaken reason and conscience from their long slumber.

For the first time in many decades, the 99% will have the tools to block further abuses by the 1% and roll back previous abuses. They will have the resources to find genuine, truthful answers to the countless questions enveloping us.

Imposing Truth on Power

One of the most insidious effects of the great alignment of the last thirty-some years was the creation of a worldview enshrining the ideas and false principles that supported the supremacy of the 1%. This great body of lies flourished and grew for decades in Saturn’s absence. A great density of lies shielded the 1% against the truth and the consequences of their actions.

On of the most important and empowering effects of Saturn’s ingress will be to destroy this false worldview, suppress the demagoguery it engenders and answer the lies that breed oppression and exploitation. The ingenious lies that used to set the ignorant marching will fall flat.

Truth will begin to matter again. It will become progressively easier to convince each other and ourselves to do the right thing for the right reason. Blessed once again with conscience and the power of individual thought, people will break free of the oppressive system we have created since the 1980s.

So think good thoughts about Saturn, and spare a generous thought for the Sagittarians who actually have to deal with Saturn in their Sun sign. 😉


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