Dr. Simon Atkins – The Cosmic Awakening Show – How The Controllers Are Mapping Your Brain – July 19, 2015


Published on Jul 20, 2015 by in5d

In5D Radio’s Michelle Walling welcomes back forecaster and climate risk economist Dr. Simon Atkins on the Cosmic Awakening Show to discuss brain mapping and what the true intentions of the elite are. In Michelle’s article published on In5d called “What We Can Do Now To Stop AI Technology and Brian Mapping”, she introduces brain mapping and Artificial Intelligence. In this episode, we will discuss this article and much more:


1) DARPA goals and technology of brain mapping; uses of it already on US soil;

2) incidences where brain mapping technology has already been used

3) electromagnetic enslavement

4) easy ways how to block those that seek to control / shackle us

5) how the future will likely be

6) ending with what we have to begin to do …

Dr. Atkins also shared new information about WAVE X.


Article: What We Can Do Now To Stop AI Technology and Brian Mapping

Read more about Dr. Atkins on http://www.Skyaia.com.

Check out the introductory Cosmic Awakening Show with Dr. Simon Atkins here.


Check out more information on the following alternative media sites:


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