Simon Parkes – June 2015 Newsletter

From Simon Parkes June Newsletter


Welcome to the June edition of my newsletter.  As promised, this edition will focus on spiritual developments taking place all over the planet.  As those of you who have had consultations with me know, I have often referred to the new age phrase of ascension.  I often use this term myself as it is understood by the wider population and would seem to be self explanatory.  You will of course know that the opposite is true; we are drawing down our 10 energy strands of DNA into our bodies.  Some people are further down the road than others, some people sadly will never start the journey, but for those of us that have this time is one of great excitement, great change and an ever increasing challenge.  In some ways this is a difficult time for all of us because as we connect with our DNA strands, we see more clearly and understand more profoundly the world we live in and those that seek to rule us.

Over the last 3 years we have seen a massive escalation of false flags, but only those of us who are connecting and thus awake recognise these as false flags. To the others these are genuine happenings.  One of the greatest actors in our time, Benjamin Netanyahu, through him, Mossad and the Zionist faction have penetrated every government and institution on the planet.  So what a surprise that the Obama administration is now raising barriers to attempt to block out the Zionist faction, for who would willingly walk to destruction if there was another path to follow.  I know many of you are situated all over the planet, some feel very isolated, some are in small communities or groups, but all of us are connected through the desire to develop and ultimately to achieve the true ascendants of being a human.  Many years ago human kind contained 12 strands of DNA. Through trickery and subterfuge and not a little genetic alteration, the human form that we now posses was cheated of 10 strands of DNA.  Since the 21st December 2012, human kind took the most monumental step forward (a much more giant step than any fake first steps on the moon). All of you who are on this path to ‘ascension’ will face over the next 2 and a half years a most testing time.  You will see a carnival/theatre roll out in front of your eyes as the desperate elite do everything in their power to hoodwink and fool as many people as they can.  Please be mindful that these people have learnt much over the last 3 years and we should expect the subtlety of their false flags to develop.

We who are changing should expect over the coming 12 months an increased reaction as our physical bodies attempt to keep up with our energies as they change and develop.  You should expect increased headaches, tingling sensations, a feeling that each day is shorter than the last (we have less time to do what we have always done because time is not linear and the concept of time as we understand it is now changing). Many of us will begin to glimpse or see snapshots of the 4th dimension.  I do not accept the idea that we will go straight to the 5th dimension thus missing out the 4th (because that’s where all the bad guys are).  If we accept that we are here to learn how can any person learn by forgoing a whole dimension.  As this summer turns into fall, many voices will be raised telling us to do this or to do that. To follow this teaching or to follow that teaching. Those of you who know me know that I tell you to only trust yourselves and to ask yourselves when you hear such statements; does this have the ring of truth about it?

In relation to the economic situation in North America, I have been told that there are moves afoot to raise the interest rate in an effort to prop-up the failing confidence.  Other world leaders have also been involved in an attempt to place pressure on the key financial houses in a plea that, if successful, will forestall vast amounts of money (albeit of the electronic kind) being pulled out of the US.  The Zionist regime has a key part to play in this with both the leaders of the UK and Germany being very closely involved with this organisation.  In conclusion, whilst the road ahead will be both bumpy and rocky, this movement of change cannot be stopped although those that seek to maintain their hold, (some of whom are quite frankly insane and thus capable of anything), will not be able to prevent the developments that were always foreseen.

I just wish to draw a very important distinction between being Jewish and Zionist.  Indeed, even within the Zionist group there are good intentioned people.

Much strength, much hope, much love.

Source: Simon Parkes June Newsletter

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