Laura Walker – Parliament of Owls for June 2015 – Taurus Phases 2015 – The New Renaissance


Published on Jun 6, 2015 by CrowRising

The Parliament of Wise Owls Convenes!

Once again the PoWO met in the disseminating phase of the New New Moon in the sign of Taurus. Laura Walker, Sol Luckman and Andrew Foss held a lively discussion to review the energy of this important time and answer questions (and pose others) about how we are handling the procession into the Next Renaissance as well as sharing evidence that we have come across. Find out:

– what will the effects of this energetic shift on people, and whether everyone can handle it.

– Will the financial world face turmoil, and how it may affect us all.

– What the story about Cailtin Jenner is hiding.

– How Vladimir Putin may be affecting our world right now.

Listen to this fascinating Pow Wow


Source: Parliament of  Owls for June 2015

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