Parliament of Wise Owls- New Moon in Aries – Episode 1 – Laura Walker, Andrew Foss and Sol Luckman

Parliament of Wise Owls – New Moon in Aries — Episode 1

(May 2015)


The primary purpose of Parliament of Wise Owls is to present hard data—drawn from economic, social, artistic and other fields—to substantiate the global sea change occurring as a new world of freedom, peace and cooperation is born out of the ashes of the crumbling old world.

For some time now, author and astrologer Laura Walker of the Oracle Report has been talking about our world moving into a Second Renaissance. The first Renaissance began in the 14th century. At first it was a cultural movement, affecting art, music, dance, literature and language. Over the next three centuries, the movement included architecture, politics, science and technology.

Interestingly, and seemingly paralleling our own time period, at its beginning, the Renaissance was referred to as the Dark Ages. By the 1600s, the Renaissance had become firmly established as a massive social phenomenon of—as the name indicates—rebirth.

Many have asked what the Second Renaissance means. What is a Renaissance and how does it impact my life? When did it start? What will it bring us collectively?

It was with such questions in mind that the Parliament of Wise Owls was born.

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Enjoy–and be sure to check out the next installment of Parliament of Wise owls in June!

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