Oracle Report – Saturday, May 2 and Sunday May 3, 2015 – Laura Walker

Symbol of An Alien Sky

Saturday, May 2, 2015 – – Laura Walker

Gibbous Moon Phase: trust, magic

Moon in Libra/Scorpio (9:48 pm ET)

Goddess of Wisdom: Chinnamasta (Goddess Who Expands The Mind)

God of Will: Ian (God of The East)

Skill: lighten up; experiment with new combinations/possibilities

True Alignments:  creating form, symmetry and asymmetry, tradition, acrobatically maneuvering around obstacles or interference,  basic values, basic instincts, cutting away the extraneous to gain clarity, protection, taking personal responsibility

Catalysts for Change: enabling, taking responsibility for someone else’s healing journey, puzzled, feeling victimized, smugness, boredom, obscuring the facts, bossing others, aggression, hurting another’s feelings

Sabian symbol for the Lunar Month: “the music of the spheres”


Today’s energy focuses on solutions.  Changing or re-arranging different elements of a situation will open up an answer.

The Sun is located at the degree of “a porter carrying heavy baggage.”  If we are feeling burdened or weighed down, it is our job to release ourselves from some of that.  In the fifth dimension, we are responsible for ourselves.  We have the power to release and transcend any situation.  We can lighten ourselves up.  When we do, we come into better alignment and are happier.

The fifth dimension is filled with love and light, no doubt, but it is not free of duality.  In the interests of keeping it real and aiming for wisdom, here is the other octave of the energy:

Throughout the Gibbous Moon phase, archontic energies have been acting out.  These have been “pre-emptive” strikes in advance of tomorrow’s Full Moon and an energetic dynamic called Thor’s Hammer that is going to going to do exactly what it implies: drop the hammer.  Thor’s Hammer is also called the Fist of God.  (It is rather interesting that the new “Avengers” movie was released yesterday.)

In terms of the music of the spheres (the archetypal science of energy), Gibbous Moon phase is the magical time of the month when manifestation is easiest.  People who are born under the Gibbous Moon phase can manifest out of thin air.  It’s a mindset of resonance and it is tied to the power of belief.  Gibbous is magical.

Archontic energies, which are, in essence, panicking from suffocation, have been using this property/opportunity of Gibbous Moon phase to shape perception and reality.  They have full knowledge of what is coming from higher spiritual realms with the Full Moon (because they understand the music of the spheres).  So over the past several days they have been going wild.

In the US, we see fear and aggression loaded into the field of consciousness with attempts to stir chaos, rioting, division, and hate.  We see the most-anticipated and largest grossing-professional boxing event timed to the eve of the Full Moon, activating the instinctual body (of men in particular, which is ripe for battle, stemming from the return of the sacred masculine).  And “top horse” is crowned with the Kentucky Derby.

Outside the US, you are witnessing the battlefield because if Americans can’t rise with the wave of higher consciousness before the archons choke out and unleash war, much suffering will ensue.

But here’s the thing:  we will.  Americans rally and rise to the occasion.  The dreaming of Gaia Sophia and her spirit of liberty have been focused here for a while.

And now a Band of Brothers, the spiritual force of her knights, is responding and engaging the sacred masculine in each of us all around the world.

As the Gibbous Moon waxes into the Full, the power of love prepares to flood the field.  So, until then, we remember what is really happening.  Together, we hold the line that is aligned with the value and beauty of life.

(Note: I will post a Sunday report tomorrow that goes more into the Full Moon.)


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