Jim Wille – Encore – US Dollar Rejected – Prepare Your Family


Published on Apr 23, 2015 by Reluctant Preppers

ENCORE Interview (originally published Nov 2014)

Jim WIllie, editor of the Hat Trick newsletter available on the website GoldenJackass.com, outlines the seismic shift that has been ongoing for decades away from the US Dollar, accelerating in recent years and months across the globe. Willie spells out how the dying dollar threatens the average family, and what you can do to prepare and protect yourself.

In this interview:
1. What specific qualities make Gold & Silver Real Money vs. the US Dollar?

2. Why is right now an opportune time to acquire Gold & Silver?

3. What concrete evidence is there that governments, central banks and others recognize the importance and value of gold & silver more than they are saying?

4. Where did the United States’ gold stockpile go?

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