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This is presented from a Judeo-Christian perspective, but I feel the calendrical and astronomical data and information are quite accurate and timely.  This video also corresponds and validates the information we have discussed regarding the 4 Blood Moons and the Hebrew Shemitah. 

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Published on Sep 15, 2013 by Discover Ministries

The Most Sensational Signs in the Sky which rival the Star of Bethlehem are about to be seen in different parts of the world, yet like the Star of Bethlehem, so many people will have little idea about the Savior they are pointing to. My explanation from a Hebrew Roots, prophetic perspective, plus theories about Planet X. (For skeptics of Comet ISON, bear in mind comets are historically harbingers 3-4 years BEFORE the event. Signs PRECEDE the event, they are not concurrent. The first Blood Moon of the “War Tetrad” has been completely vindicated by the conflict in Israel-Gaza starting July 2014.) The Bible tells us to make aware and be prepared!

God made the sun, moon and stars to point to His seasons. God wrote His Word to explain these seasons and how to be saved before it’s too late.

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