Jim Willie – Mushrooming of Chaos – February 16,2015


Published on Feb 16, 2015 by Paul Sandhu

Feb 16th: important scoop on how Swiss banks are uniformly denying refusing withdrawals of cash accounts by clients whose account sizes are between hundreds of $millions and $4 to $5 billion, with clients coming mostly European and Swiss but also Asian, Latin American, even Russian, some of the accounts drug money, making evident a bankrupt Swiss banking system suffering the aftermath of the SWFranc de-peg three weeks ago… covered Greek debt default and exit from the European Union, with the banker elite showing desperation, extending from the defiant new Greek leadership… covered the developments toward truce in Ukraine according to the Minsk Treaty, with mention of the devastation at the Debaltseva Cauldrin hotspot, which will identify the United States as the rogue bellicose nation, resulting in extreme US isolation… covered the Western US Port stalled dock situation, lockouts versus union strikes, which might have an element of Chinese vengeance to strangle the USEconomy, seen soon in empty retail store shelves… covered the capture of Latin America, country by country, at the hands of Russia & China

Feb. 16, 2015 / Dr. Jim Willie offers his deep analysis on major financial and Geopolitical developments. Topics discussed are as follows:

· Breaking News on Swiss Bank Failures
· Greece Debt Default, Exit from Euro and its catastrophic consequences
· US being isolated as Germany & France swing East
· China hurting US Economy by disrupting shipping through West Coast Ports
· Russia and China now biggest players in Latin America

Dr. Jim Willie website: http://www.goldenjackass.com

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