Yellow Rose for Texas – The Pulling – February 9, 2015


Folks that are worried about whether or not to get on ships must remember that we are going to be called, spirit leaves hybrid body, we are reunited/embraced with our higher consciousness, then pulled / towed to an arc / ship / gate terminal. We are NOT going to be in our hybrid bodies when we are called by ONE. We may very well be shown ONE & AF’s ships that are positioned east & west ready for the pull / tow before we are called, then again in war plans change. We may very well be shown a fake ET landing (by the ef) in which Obama (earth’s ‘rep’resentative) welcomes and speaks on our behalf.

The ef are going to use all tricks, spells and seeds that they have embedded in our consciousness to get us to change our allegiance at the last minute (which is now). Just imagine if all the people who believe in the bible and the 5 books of moses were to suddenly take false et landing as a sign that they should follow the ef? This would make it more difficult for ONE & EVE to make their final move…or would it???

All strategies, tactics and plans are subject to change within a fraction of a second’s notice. All contingencies are possible, plausible and passable in our current state of mind in these hybrid vehicles. What we have to do is remember that WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE / ARE WAITING FOR and we will make the ‘right’ moves when the time comes. Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the roses and accept them for what they are….BEAUTIFUL CREATIONS OF A BENEVOLENT CREATOR.


All Y’all need to remember that Rose would not give us information that we could not handle and assimilate into our general understanding of what is taking place. We asked (insisted in fact) to be kept informed and craved to be updated like chirping baby birds that we are…hungry for details. Then when we get some new details we pick them to death and worry our little heads about the ones that aren’t clearly understood. I am calling myself on this too bcz I too had a funny feeling in my stomach when I heard about the 8 above & 9 below worlds. I instantly took the news to be unnerving bcz of the ef net that is still in place and able to jam up our mind with doubt. Remember, WE ARE HERE AT THIS PRECISE MOMENT IN OUR ETERNAL SOUL JOURNEY TO BRING OURSELVES & OUR LOVED ONES HOME. HOME TO ONE OF THE 8 WORLDS ABOVE OR WHEREVER OUR SOUL FEELS IS RIGHT. Rose spoke to us straight up bcz she knows we are ready to handle the fine details of our leap forward. WHY IS IT IN OUR NATURE TO ASSUME THE WORST WHEN HEAR GOOD NEWS? I think it is more of the same old mind control shit that has plagued us since childhood. Have NO DOUBT my loved ones, we are GOOD, we are going UP, we are going into one of 8 realms ABOVE, so are our loved ones and everything in EVE’s creation. Be at peace baby birds. Mommy & Daddy birds will be along shortly…
 Our veils are being pulled away slowly, the evil doers (ef) have placed multiple-layers, multiple filters, tricks embedded in our DNA, parasitic activities in our dreams, remote controlled environments, eyes that only see in one spectrum and many other obstacles in our mission path. I tend to agree with Justin Dispenza Hayman that we must trust ourselves to know what to do and when to do it.
Posts on YRFT are designed to be informative, not to question what you already know in your heart to be the truth. Our collective enemies have used “going on ships, being rescued on ships” as a sticking point in our belief systems just like they used religion and the bible to confuse us. They have placed half-truths about false flags, whole-lies about everything and partial bits of misinformation sprinkled into our waking moments in this prison construct…all designed to confuse us at these last moments in their weakly controlled realm.
I use the YRFT updates to remain CALM and hold the vibration of LOVE for my fellow human BEings inside my heart center. Whatever resonates and feels right (POSITIVE) I connect & cling to keep me strong. Whatever seems / feels wrong (NEGATIVE) or gives me doubt that I am leaving this horrible realm soon, I disconnect my energy from and discard bcz it is meant to weaken my resolve. If my resolve is weakened, I can be controlled by ef and I could possible be kept by those I seek to escape from.
These are very sophisticated tricks being cast on us by creatures who have lost the war and now have to give back all that they have stolen and pay their dues. They have had a long time to perfect their end game mind control fucking with us tactics. We must be strong enough to shrug off these last minute doubts and focus on what we KNOW IS THE TRUTH. Perhaps a global blackout will ENABLE us to look within for truth and reconnect to ONE & EVE, so not having internet connect would be a GOOD thing. Consider this when you are trying to figure out if every word posted on YRFT is correct or is just a false flag.  I am grateful for the updates.
YRFT reported that ef had broken earth’s railing / gearing that allows the platform to fly off its railing and go through the eye/gate easily. ONE & AF repaired flat earth’s platform and candlestick railing as best they could, but recently found out that when they were ready to fly, the platform would have to be towed and this added more time to our leap.
What if, the May Pole interacts with the platform on the other side of the eye (in our heavenly realm) in such a way that we are lifted out through the eye, and EVE’s May Pole brings us all down safely under her control and protection (2 and 1/2 turns to the floor). It truly is all how you choose to interpret and accept ONE & EVE’s messages. I share my thoughts. I do not remember my dreams long enough to write them down or share in fb, so I rely on trusted sources and then take what I need out their experiences to carry on until I am home. Everyone that has commented on this thread is doing an EXCELLENT JOB and I get so much out of reading & contrasting your interpretations with mine. TY all so very much for being here and sharing pieces of your heart.
 I appreciate and share your quest for a single answer that will satisfy our inquiring minds, seems our lives depend on it (but not really). However, when considering all of the, let’s just call it, doubt rays that are we are being bombarded with daily ( and more every day) we forget that we have all of the answers ourselves already. Between YRFT and your own astute heart and mind culling information that resonates, we really do know what to do to “exit this terra.”
The picture that I posted below shows the Greeks’ drawing of our flat earth/domed/prison construct. Earth in this drawing is the abyss that ‘rose’ speaks of. We live in/on the area/plane called the abyss. Under the abyss is the underworld below our physical plane of existence. Above the abyss are the heavens above the abyss and the underworld. All 3 of these layers are INSIDE the flat earth, domed, prison construct. We live in a copy of EVE’s eden/flat earth construct that was pulled into set’s server and we were placed in the abyss layer inside our prison construct.
The reason for this was so that set’s snake families and ef could use us for food & drugs and be easily accessible to be sold as cattle to off -worlders who had access into set’s server. I believe the 8 heavenly worlds/realms that ‘rose’ spoke of are OUTSIDE of set’s server.
I also believe that the 9 underworlds are also outside of set’s server in the real world, but that they are for souls to learn and evolve spiritually (I am not sure about the location of the 9 underworlds). Set recreated the 9 underworlds INSIDE this flat earth/prison construct, and they are the underworlds that lay below the abyss/earth/physical plane that we live on now.
Remember the 9 levels of hell and the underworld (Dante’s Inferno)? So, the answer to the question of how to exit terra? We will simply stand up and go to the direction where the dome has been lifted and our arcs are waiting to pull us to safety, then go through the eye. The dome and net have to be down/open in order for our souls to be released. We just have to answer the call.



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