Yellow Rose – Top and Bottom of Corona Missing From the Sun Now

Top & Bottom of Corona Missing from the Sun Now

December 31, 2014


Thank you to the gang who continues to keep us abreast of these developments upstairs. I appreciate you.

This is fascinating! Now we know what’s behind door number one, and door number two. Door number three, anyone?

This is not NORMAL. Is this what a ‘portal activation’ does? Is this why they’ve been blanketing us in chemtrails like never before?

I believe this is clear evidence the matrix is disintegrating, and there’s not a damn thing the cabal can do about it. We are about to meet our Maker—in a GOOD way!

Hang onto your shorts and keep visualizing your new reality—because this isn’t it, as much as they would love for us to continue to fall for their lies.




Check out this info from another source about the odd recent activity. Perhaps you can relate. With the stone-throwing between Lightworkers, the New Years ‘stampede’ in Shanghai and the multiple murders in Edmonton , Alberta Canada (one on my sister-in-law’s street)… there is some bizarre stuff going on, and probably thanks to the Archon network.

Steady as she goes, my friends. It’s getting rough on these seas, but we can stay the course and come out splendidly on the other side.

I found the following something to ponder. Perhaps the solar activity is not all it’s cracked up to be for Earthly humans, but perhaps the Galactics are moderating the effects so that not all of us are affected. I can personally say that sleep is elusive these days.  ~ BP

“BECCA – Ok…..THIS new info from Rose CONFIRMS what I have been sensing for the last 2 years and I want to comment on it. Specifically this statement above: “The ‘arm’ I was told, is actually the ‘foot’ that fell in when earth was pulled in through the eye. The ‘foot’ lines up with the image of the eye of horus. If you look at that image of the eye of horus, and enlarge it, you can see the small ball of earth, held in that curl. I found out later, that what nasa called the portals connected to the sun, that opens every 8 minutes and is a super highway for a cme (arrives in 3 to 8 minutes vs 3 to 8 days) is that ‘foot’” I have hesitated to share my personal insights on this topic because it seems that 95% or more of the Spiritual Seekers are totally convinced and believe that these powerful Solar Impacts are somehow completely benevolent and are somehow “raising our consciousness” or giving us an “upgrade.” A lot of that belief comes directly from channeled information that was highly propagated and circulated on the internet since 2012 (and maybe a little before that). HOWEVER, I suggest that we look at it from a new perspective…. we now know that what we thought was the Sun, a real benevolent planet that gave us light and life, is really ED a mechanism (machine) controlled by the Dark Side – our Captors who enslaved us here. So WHY would we ever think that any energy coming from that Machine is being beamed our way for our eternal good? And especially now that Rose is suggesting that this “Foot” or “Arm” is being used to exponentially ACCELERATE the speed with which these MASSIVE CME’S ARE BEING HURLED AT US (e.g. 3 to 8 minutes vs. 3 to 8 days) ! Rose is not the only one to suggest this. Many Space Weather experts that I follow have been saying the same thing in recent months…..and I can personally vouch that this is the case. For the last 2 years, I can INSTANTLY feel the impact of the Solar Flares and CME’s in my body. Now it is confirmed why this is so. I can also say that not only for me but for many people I know and hundreds or thousands of people posting online that they too can feel these impacts and 99% of the time IT MAKES US VERY SICK, WEAK, LETHARGIC, UNABLE TO SLEEP AND WE ARE BARELY ABLE TO FUNCTION after these Solar Impacts. I have NOT ONCE felt any better or “upgraded” after these events – quite the opposite. So I would suggest that we all take a Long Hard Look at what is really happening to us as a result of these solar assaults – the enemy is using them to weaken us and keep us down. Now I suppose some could argue that at Solar Maximums in the past Collective Consciousness has increased and that may be partially correct. But I still contend that if Father/One were the one doing these upgrades, we would not be getting ill in the process or experiencing any distress whatsoever. That is my gut feeling along with my personal experience with these ED Events. The only positive effect they may produce is, as Rose has stated, these heat waves may be helping to dissolve the implants in our bodies and killing off some snakes/reptiles that can’t withstand those energies. But I for one, do not subscribe to the camp that CME’s and Solar Flares are part of any so-called “Ascension” or Evolution of the human species – Father/One works in much more benevolent and harmonious ways than this.

Light is important for plant growth and for producing Vitamin D in our bodies etc. but even some forms of Artificial Light can reproduce these beneficial effects as in certain lamps. What I am referring to is these unnatural explosions on Ed (artificial sun) that are chock full of radiation and are greatly disturbing our bodies geomagnetic field. If you do some research you will find that prior to 2009 we had over 300 spotless days with almost NO out of the ordinary solar activity, compared to the last 2 years when we have had almost ZERO spotless days. Those who follow solar activity very closely have discerned that there is a Much Higher death rate and incidents of strokes and heart attacks when we experience solar maximum as we are right now. If you are one of those who are not feeling any ill effects consider yourself very lucky! People like myself have been very beat up in this Matrix since birth emotionally, mentally and physically so for us we are unfortunately experiencing extreme symptoms from the solar onslaughts. In 2010 and beyond I have been the sickest I have ever been in my life ( and not just me – many others including Rose ). It is much harder to heal and recuperate than it has ever been in the last 2 to 3 years. I get extremely weak and drained after each major Solar Flare, CME and high powered solar wind stream. I am getting natural alternative treatments for my health issues which help but even they are no match for powerful Geomagnetic Storms. Understand, I am an extremely Positive person by nature so these symptoms I am describing are not the result of “negative” or “victim” thinking as some may be suggesting. They are a very real phenomenon affecting millions of people on the Earth which is why I wanted to address it, especially in light of what Rose has helped us understand about the False Sun that shines down upon us. Remember, as real as some aspects of our world seem, it is merely a copy of our Home World so we cannot expect things to work naturally (or even benevolently ) as they should for our benefit. Still I agree that we should maintain grounded and as positive as we can be in our outlook no matter what ills we face.

Also I will remind everyone that in light of Rose’s research we do not currently inhabit our true Solar System. We were captured and pulled into a negative area of space “The Abyss” and a false construct created around us including Fake Sun (Ed) behind which is a black sun and we are surrounded by fake malevolent planets (ships masked as planets)….all of which is designed to control us and keep us prisoners…and very weakened prisoners at that. This is what we need to keep in mind when having these discussions. This does not mean humanity will not prevail in the end because I most certainly believe that we will! We are simply discussing the reality of where we we now in this moment in time which is, yes, another construct (not real). Mind bending I know.”


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