Oracle Report – Saturday, December 27 – Sunday, December 28, 2014

Symbol of An Alien Sky

Saturday, December 27 – Sunday, December 28, 2014 – – Laura Walker

Crescent Moon Phase: persevere

Moon in Pisces

Ruling Mahavidya: Kali

Skill: look for beauty and you will find signs and messages

Negative Imprint: worries about usefulness, fears of not being capable of change, suppressing natural instincts, giving up too soon, self-loathing, drama, bad losers, reliance on limitations

Positive Imprint: incoming messages, strong emotional centeredness, ridding of restraints and guilty feelings, desire, permanence, stability, reminders from the past, valor, honor, celebration


As a mass turn continues this weekend, information about how to make positive, effect change in our lives comes our way.  All of this is designed to make us happier – to make us enjoy life more.  In a mass way, we have forgotten not only what it is like to have fun, but also that life is for experiences.

I talk a lot about dreaming the dream – cosmic co-creation with the dreaming of Wisdom Goddess Gaia Sophia.  We are sharing consciousness with her.  We are all dreaming the dream our own way.  It’s like we are student painters in a class, each in front of an easel and canvas painting a picture, but also going in and out of the picture we are painting – living and being in it.  Everyone’s dream or painting is equally valid (as long as the natural laws of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are not violated).  It’s boring to have only one dream, one painting – one point of view.  A cornucopia of flowing dream paintings makes for a much better collection.

Divide and conquer tactics tempt us to forget this.  Tolerance for others’ dream, even if we wholeheartedly disagree with their choice of palette and theme, is part of freedom.  We don’t need to hate on anybody’s dream.  If you don’t like what someone is painting with their life canvas, walk over to another person’s easel in the classroom.  Their painting may feel like home to you.  Or return to your own and continue your masterpiece.

This weekend is artistically-driven with signs, symbols, synchronicities, messages, and information.  Truth is revealed and knowledge is disseminated to be turned to wisdom.  What is the truth of the inner worth of the matter?  How gracefully can you recognize it?  Can you un-complicate things enough to find the simple truth?  Can you respond to it?

If you feel like you have lost or been defeated, remember that the measure of future worth depends on how gracefully we handle defeat.  Release feelings of failure by stepping into the wiser side of yourself that is learning from all that has happened.  This is the place of power.

We are trying to throw off something from the past that truly inhibits our happiness (or inhibited us in the past and we still feel guilt or shame from it).  Elements of the energy are super-charged toward wanting to let ourselves go and be carefree – wild even.  This stems from this month’s ruling Mahavidya, Kali, who pulls, tears, or strips off the things that bind us.  Follow your natural instincts and impulses.

Logic and proportion fall sloppy dead today in favor of intuition, imagination, and experience.  Experience is the key this weekend, so try to have experiences and then learn from them.  Our hearts heavily overdrive our heads, so the best thing is to surrender.  As defenses fall, a lightness returns and smoothes out the edges.  The spirit of healing enters.  Magic and wonder return.  Our minds shift.

As a whole, strong foundations, stability, and longevity are being infused into all that is creating, manifesting, and merging a better world around us.  It’s easy to see the downfall of the control systems, but we focus on what has lasted and what remains strong and true.

Beauty is all around.  Find something beautiful and prepare to receive wisdom.


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