Delightful News to Contemplate from Yellow Rose


Joy sent a string of links to various updates today from Yellow Rose on Hatter’s blog and I just had to share them. Like Cobra says, “Victory of the Light is near.”

The One said he was going to do things a little differently this time, and I’m hoping he meant he intends to give Humanity the Christmas gift of all Christmas gifts; FREEDOM and PARADISE in one fell swoop! Beam me up, Scottie!!! My bags are packed!

Whether this happens tomorrow or Christmas Day, I don’t mind. This news goes awfully well with the lovely cup of jasmine tea I’m enjoying right now.  ~ BP


First, a little recap:

You are inside a server. “Ed” is what the El (enemy) call their ‘sun’. He is the Numbers Editor, the calendar of SET. At the base is a circle of gears. They called it their ‘sharp wheel’. The ‘planets’ are on poles that are attached to that gear box. You are in a chip, on the pole. These are the religions ref. to ‘candlesticks’. Earth is being rescued from enemy territory. We were pulled into their area of the abyss, during the war. These other planets are the ‘9’ and their subset the ‘7 (Luciferian)’. This is who created ‘religions’ here, to worship them.

Right now, the gear is stuck.

The planets are pulverized and the poles are flying off the gear wheel. The sun will nova and we leap right before that. This ‘leap’ forward, is called the “Division of the Families”. It is the separation of good from evil. Good goes to the 8 above, evil goes to SET whom common man called ‘satan’.

He’s showing on the hi2 cams rising from the pit. Those here, who aided the enemy and killed mankind, are damned (they cannot move forward, they are ‘stuck’ here, estoppled) and most get the pit. At the time of the leap, Eve who is ‘earth’ emits us, in a discharge of a mass emission of energy.

Basically, we travel back through the Eye, and return above. Eve follows. We are renewed, and so is Earth.

We restart life above, where there is no war, no created shortages, and we are very advanced races with a 12 strand ‘dna’ and an incorruptible body that lives a very long life span.

And that’s as short as I can make it as a recap!

*     *     *

YRFT – Just a reminder. The news was exceptionally good today. That we’re pulling out. There was confirmations that they’ve tied up the loose ends, and were prepared to haul the nets in. Which is inclusive of us. I’ve also seen the last of the ships move through the eye last night. These are the ones that were carrying the cargo forward and setting up on the other side. But again, I wanted to remind you, that we don’t know the ‘hour’ or ‘when’. We’ve heard the show was set up, and that apparently is the deep impact as well as the Nova. So, we’ll see what happens next.

… Wow, wow, Rose, ready when they are. Looks like the logistics operation upstairs is done, one more leg to go !

*     *     *

This bit is an explanation for the Gaia Portal update (in boldface), as they are always cryptic.

 “Co-opted Energies have been returned to valid energetic “owners”.
Placations no longer effective, at any level.”


They made the eels give up their share
We take all that are owed to eve
She wouldn’t leave a single one of them behind

“Fortifications continue as the new realms are prepared.”

… that is the boxes we were moving and setting up.
We have set up the new worlds for the other races/branches as well.
Fortifications, I think, were the people fighting at the sun.

In other words, we’re still fighting and keeping them off the rest of us, while we go back and forth through the eye transporting and setting up the other worlds that these different branches are moving to.

(any other confirmation?)

yeah, we did get other confirmations.

We are getting the pull to the eye now. Nets are being pulled in. Everything that is going is netted.
you can post that

(WOW for you to disclose that, it must be certain)

yeah, they seem to be confirming it everywhere. But I still don’t know the ‘time’ just that they are moving us now.


Thanks BP from Startship Earth the Big Picture for this article.  Athena

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