You’re Not Fat – You’re Toxic – Stephanie Relfe

Published on Jun 24, 2014 By Stephanie Relfe –


Fat is Not about Calories. It’s about Toxins.

Obesity is not a disease. It’s a business plan.

You’re Not Fat. You’re Toxic is an explosive expose in the fight against the worldwide obesity epidemic.

Mega-corporation presidents and government infiltrators worked together to plan your weight gain. It is not an accident that you are overweight.

There is no money in dead people. And no money in healthy people. They want you somewhere in the middle.

The government subsidizes toxic and addicting foods. Then the food mafia processes those foods into junk food that makes you fat and sick. Then the medical mafia sells you drugs so that you won’t know how sick you are, and they receive $2.2 Trillion. Then the $60 Billion dollar per year diet mafia tells you it’s your fault for not “counting calories”.

You have been taught what to eat, what to drink and how to think for over 50 years. You have been brainwashed into being a slave of the corporations by the schools, books, magazines and television shows. It’s a horrible, vicious project that was planned to make you sick and overweight. These corporations are killing you. You never had a chance.

Now you do!

Internationally known Kinesiologist and health expert Stephanie Relfe has created a veritable University course on fat loss. “You’re Not Fat. You’re Toxic” explodes the calorie counting myth and shows you exactly how weight reduction is about eliminating toxins, not about counting calories. This 650 page, hands on course makes YOU the expert and will help you get your ideal body. There are no additional courses or special products to buy.

This detailed book has the exact information you need for your ideal body. It’s written in a very easy-to-understand style, so that anyone can benefit from this powerful program. Scientific explanations are put into the simplest possible terms so that anyone can easily understand what they need to know.

Fight the food mafia. Fight the drug mafia. And don’t be a defrauded by the $60 Billion dollar a year “diet” mafia. If you or a loved one is a victim of obesity, get angry, get determined and get “You’re Not Fat. You’re Toxic”. Available at and book retailers everywhere.

About the Author — Stephanie Relfe was born in Sydney Australia. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Sydney University, majoring in zoology and histology (the study of cells). She has been a professional kinesiologist since 1993 and is the author of dozens of articles, two books & the DVD training series Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing. (,, She is also the webmaster of Health, Wealth & Happiness at, a website established in 1998 which provides valuable natural health, mind, spirit, financial and other information unifying the whole, rather than educating a part of the whole.

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