Carl Boudreau – Astrology Status for October, 3, 2014 – About October’s Eclipses

Total lunar eclipse in Aries – October 8.

Partial solar eclipse in Scorpio – October 23.


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I wanted to get a word or two out on October’s eclipses before they started happening.

Eclipses get a bad rap. They are most commonly associated with disasters. They are seldom if ever associated with good things, and wrongly so.

Basically, eclipses bring things to fruition or stabilize affairs at a new level. A longstanding issue of any kind will likely go critical or reach an important turning point. The eclipses will reward those who have done the work with greater prosperity and stability. And vice versa.

It could be a process of decay, like the rusting of neglected steelwork on a bridge. The eclipse would mark the moment of collapse. If we had been maintaining the steelwork, the eclipse would have come and gone without incident.

Eclipses famously bring high visibility natural and man made disasters, too: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, big storms,  violence, economic turbulence political unrest and worse. They bring the downfall or death of the famous and powerful. But they will also reward up and coming talent with a day in the Sun.

The Context of October’s Eclipses

October’s eclipses come as several important, interwoven trends play out.

We are emerging from a time of serous material hardship and uncertainty. We are experiencing deep, transformation on a psychological and spiritual level. Our impatience with political and economic injustice and the lies that support it grows more acute daily.

The political and economic turmoil is abating but we cannot achieve stability or security. Painful, long buried wounds are rising to awareness needing to be addressed. The pain undermines our ability to function. Our truth keeps losing ground against the deceptions that perpetuate economic and political injustice.

We have yet to gain sufficient traction against any of the issues we are dealing with. As of now, the trends still seem to be working against us. October’s eclipses will remedy that.

What Effect Are October’s Eclipses Likely to Have?

We can count on eclipses to do several things generally.

~ They reveal unrealistic options for what they are. Barriers suddenly appear where none were apparent. Barriers to other, more realistic and promising options drop away.

~ Penalties will be exacted for wrong actions that used to go unnoticed or unopposed. Rewards will be granted for those who have done the right and timely thing all along. Those who change their ways in time will get by.

~ Eclipses exact a price for things left undone but reward those who have done the work.

~ In essence, eclipses pick winners and losers. Before the eclipses, rain falls equally upon the just and the unjust. After the eclipses, rain falls much more heavily on the unjust.

More Specifically

In the current energetic environment, then, we would see the following results

Those making earnest, well-advised and realistic efforts to right their economic situation will find themselves on more solid financial ground. Those pursuing half-hearted, unrealistic or ill-advised plans will be compelled to change course.

Those working through their personal issues honestly and sincerely will find their mental and emotional equilibrium returning. Those resorting to denial, avoidance or psychological gimmicks will find their condition worsening.

Those who speak their truth in the face of lies will find their fortunes improving. Those relying on lies and untruths will rapidly lose ground.

Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad

But eclipses are not all or nothing. I have outlined three major areas of concern: Economic recovery, personal transformation and speaking the truth.

People might succeed in all three areas. They might fail in all three. They might get one or two out of three right. Hence, effects of these eclipses will be different in different areas of a given life, depending on the quality of effort in each area.

Because these eclipses occur at such a complex juncture in our lives, their effects will be unusually complex, varied and unpredictable.

A Much Bigger Difference Than Eclipses Usually Make

The nature of October’s chart ( suggests that numberless turning points in the lives of countless people will add up to a bigger, less predictable and more rapid shift than one normally expects from eclipses. Forget about controlling it.

October’s composite has 0º degrees of a cardinal sign on each major angle, supercharging the chart. There is a continuing series of oppositions to retrograde Uranus providing a great deal of sharply disruptive energy. Mercury retrograde most of the month will bring lots of decisions, revisions and second-guessing.

A Matter of Faith, Too

From one perspective, then, these two eclipses are frosting on the cake of a month that was going to be chaotic anyway you sliced it.

But remember, for all the chaos, the wildly shifting, criss-crossing and intersecting lines of causality, the oscillating trend lines, the high visibility negative events, countless millions of positive changes will be occurring. For each disconnect and dead end, countless more connections will be made and an equally large number of new pathways will open up. The effects will range from the deeply spiritual and inner, psychological change, to very concrete, external, material change.

The confusion will be great, too, though. (Remember that retrograde Mercury.) So we will be forced to take a lot of things on faith. Those who allow pessimism to dictate their choices or who demand absolute certainty before choosing will lose out.

Don’t count on knowing exactly what is going on. We will have to trust the process.

With respect to our individual lives, I think it will be as if someone snatched the carefully drawn flow chart of your life, ripped it into tiny bits and tossed it into an industrial grade fan.

*October’s status also available here. (

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