I, Pet Goat II, with the Symbolism Explained…

This video comes recommended by Joshua Alicea, who was in the past a gifted high school student who was into creating amazing videos, which I published HERE . . . Joshua went on to college, and pretty much disappeared from view, until he surfaced again yesterday and suggested this interesting video for us. As I watched this video, I also saw an explanation of the symbolism, which I thought could be important to our understanding of this amazing creation, and so I included it, as well. 

Thank you Joshua, and I hope you will stay in touch with us . . . 🙂

Joshua’s email to me:

Hello Jean,

It has been quite some time since we last talked. This is Joshua Alicea, that high school student that went about making that theory of world peace YouTube series several years ago. Well I have been experiencing many others things post high school (it’s so good to be out of that boring asylum) and have grown tremendously in many aspects. Anyways, the main purpose of this message was to tell you of this video I came across randomly.

It is a 3D animation (A field i have studied) with a plethora of obvious and hidden symbolism of various topics such as religion, politics, finance, the future of humanity and so on. Very interesting and beautiful and worth several watch throughs. Its only about 7-8 minutes but wow was I impressed by it. Many people will get different interpretations of its meaning based on their emotional charged and attitudes of live in relation to their belief systems but overall, even for those not well educated and logical in mind, it is a stunning visual of surreal and unsettling imagery that is sure to entertain you at the very least.

Hope you enjoy it!

I, Pet Goat II Symbolism Explained by Filmaker Louis Lefebvre Parts 1 and 2

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