Global Currency Reset – Rafapal: Iraqi Dinar reset; Fed dollar out, US Treasury Dollar & BRICS in; Collateral Gold coming

Mystic Owl

This may be some old information for many out there, but it is a good sum up of what has been happening behind the scenes with the world financial system.   The old Federal Reserve/Central Banking system MUST and IS coming down.  The Bank of International Settlements, the IMF and the World Bank were dark cabal created for the manipulation and theft of the world’s gold  and money supply. 

With the creation of the new BRICS Bank, the leaders of 188 countries are basically giving the NWO/Nazi/Zionist  corrupt banking system the finger. They are saying  No More, we take our power back,  and we are taking our business elsewhere.  We are no longer playing a game with no referee or rule book.   

Blessings, Athena



Published on Sep 14, 2014 by Alred Lebremont Webre

Rafapal: Global reset & Iraqi Dinar revaluation starting; End of Fed Dollar & return to U.S. Treasury dollar, BRICS currency; Wanta Gold (collateral accounts) coming…

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