Oracle Report – Monday, August 25, 2014

Symbol of An Alien Sky

Monday, August 25, 2014 – – Laura Walker


NEW AUDIO REPORT August 22, 2014 -“Holding the Line: Virgo 2014 Cycle”
New Moon Phase (10:12 am EDT/2:12 pm UTC): begin

Moon in Virgo

Ruling Mahavidyas: Shodashi (The Goddess Who Is Beautiful) and Matangi (The Administrator)

Skill: be receptive to new directions

Negative Imprint: lost, alone, stiff, tardiness, immaturity, self-denial, distortion of truth, domination, control, anger

Positive Imprint: security, dignity, determination, self-defense, creativity, inspiration, openness to higher forces, training, achievement, endurance, form, care


Advantage: Sophia, Sabaoth, and humanity. Yesterday at 8:17 am EDT/12:17 pm UTC the Sun (Sabaoth) released an M5.6 – 5.9 (reports vary) class flare with a coronal mass ejection (CME). We look to the position of the Moon at that time to determine the nature of the solar energy being discharged to us. The Moon was located at 20 Leo with the corresponding Sabian symbol “American Indians perform a ritual to the Sun.”

Sabaoth the Sun winked at us with this CME. In the audio recording posted on the homepage at I discussed the lunar month in store for us, highlighting two astrological aspects with energy that favors humanity – Venus’ conjunction with the Black Moon and the South Node’s conjunction with Eris. The coronal mass was ejected yesterday when the Moon was conjunct the Black Moon while both were making a trine to the South Node and a square to Mars and Saturn. That’s astro-speak for good stuff for the Return of the Mysteries – the Second Renaissance.

The Sabian symbol of “American Indians perform a ritual to the Sun” portrays joining with others of like mind and returning to nature. In essence, the Sun empowered the energetics in place with the New Moon today that favor natural world order.

For eons of time, American Indians have performed daily rituals to the Sun. Many wise owls now do the same thing with the ritual of the Medicine Wheel of Protection, which honors the Sun, Earth, heavens, and humanity. It is a link that has been imprinted and reinforced over and over again through time. The acknowledgement and appreciation of the Sun is one of humanity’s greatest advantages in the effort to free our minds of archontic controls. American Indians, along with other indigenous people across the planet, have held the line – the connection – with our spiritual allies Gaia Sophia and Saboth the Sun while most of the people of the planet fell under the archontic spell.

The Sun returned that wave to us yesterday. The old ways are returning.

This comes in the nick of time. Just as we are beginning a two-month period when those that stand against humanity will make big moves to attempt global control, our allies Sophia and Sabaoth stand up. As I mentioned in the audio recording, the Sabian symbol for the Virgo cycle of “two guardian angels bringing protection” implies that a need for protection exists.

The confluence comes as the Wisdom Goddess Shodashi comes on duty with the assistance of Matangi. (If Shodashi was Batman, Matangi would be Alfred, not Robin.) Shodashi and Matangi are the only two Mahavidyas who consistently work in tandem. Matangi does not always join in on Shodashi’s month – only when needed. The scope of Shodashi’s efforts often requires the administrative and technical assistance of Matangi.

Shodashi paints broad strokes to not only open opportunities to fulfill the highest desire of our souls, but she has a primary mission to destroy the Demiurge, the “chief Archon” Yaldabaoth. She is a tectonic force of sonic power and yesterday’s earthquakes are demonstrative. Shodashi is coming…

The New Moon in Virgo enters at 10:12 am EDT/2:12 pm UTC. Mars and Saturn will make exact conjunction a few hours later at 3:09 pm EDT/7:09 pm UTC. The electric universe theory talks about the potential for geologic effects when planets are conjunct around New and Full Moons. Mars and Saturn have been pushing anger and control issues into the collective of humanity for a week now, but today they reach apex, and then that energy will begin to dissipate.

The totality of the energy for the month is a dramatic preparation for change – change to the order of humanity. This month’s energy opens paths, brings opportunities, and sets us on the proper course of our soul’s development. All of it leads to the next cycle, the Libra cycle, where we have the energy for “the light of the sixth race transmuted to the seventh.”

For now, we hold the line – the line of light – that indigenous people have maintained for so long. We align with the Goddess of Form and Symmetry herself as she re-enchants the world. All month long, we find beauty as chaos swirls around us.

Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report. Blessings to all!


Burrowing Owls

HOLDING THE LINE – BURROWING OWLS. “Not all owls live in trees, as the burrowing owl can attest. This species takes up residence in old ground squirrel or prairie dog burrows. Hunting at night, it can fly as well as use its long legs to sprint and capture prey.” –

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