Challenges To Releasing the Funds From World Trust Accounts – Ron Van Dyke – August 10, 2014


Published on Aug 9, 2014

Many people think the Dragon Family (or whoever claims to control the trusts) simply has to release the money to the people and everything will be all right. Yes, I thought that myself until I learned more about how things really are in the world. The system, the Matrix, is run by people who have lied repeatedly, virtually forever. Their lying is pathological. They have trained politicians, media heads, attorneys, CEOs and most of those at high levels in human institutions how to lie effectively so that people will believe them. Well, many of us no longer fall for this charade they play. The Dragon Family doesn’t buy it any more either. They are using apparatus in their control to flush out the charlatans who want to divert wealth to their war-making schemes instead of being used for humanitarian purposes, which is the intended use of the collateral accounts making up the world trusts. The challenge is in how to stop this war against truth and support the awakening and spiritual evolution of humanity.

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