Oracle Report – Saturday, August 9, 2014 – Sunday, August 10, 2014

Symbol of An Alien Sky

Saturday, August 9 – Sunday, August 10, 2014 Oracle Report – Laura Walker


“Galactic Connection” Radio Interview with Laura – August 5, 2014


Saturday: Gibbous Moon Phase: trust

Sunday: Full Moon Phase (2:09 pm ET/6:09 pm PT): realization

Moon in Aquarius

Skill: embrace change and adapt; find and experience the beautiful and happy things in life

Negative Imprints: out of our depth, stuck, extreme emotions, anger, arguments, conflict

Positive Imprints: the value of life and all its richness


Saturday’s energy sets off a chain of events that Sunday’s Super Full Moon will carry forward into next week.

The Super Full Moon has several strong astrological aspects that coalesce to bring the following themes:

BRIDGING THE GAP – The Sabian symbol for this month is “rock formations tower over a deep canyon.” Venus has moved to the degree of “a violent storm in a canyon.”  So we may feel like we are deeper into something than we realized and may now feel stuck or unsure of what to do.  There is a turbulence of emotions and people can become very angry because we are seeing ourselves and others in the full light of a super moon.  This can be hard to take, blinding, and even inciting lunacy.  The solution is to go above it – tower over it – to see it from a different perspective.  We can bridge the situation by not letting our emotions take control of us, understanding that the energetics push emotional whirlwinds, and listening to what our heart is telling us.  If you are tempted to give something up, ask yourself if it is too soon for that.  Follow what your HEART is telling you because the Wisdom Goddess who is on duty this month is Bhairavi, and one of her names is the Goddess of the Heart.  So direct wisdom is coming to us through our hearts.

GROUNDING – While the world undergoes tremendous change, it is more even imperative to maintain firm grounding with the planet.  The Full Moon phase energy carries a dual signature of taking things that are on solid ground and freeing them up to expand, but also taking things that are not on solid ground and “unmooring” them or breaking them apart.  We see this with people, places, and things in our individual lives and the world at large.  Going outside and being in nature restores emotional, physical, and spiritual balance.  The group meditation planned for Saturday will help us all stay grounded during this intense Moon phase.

PREPARE FOR CHANGE – Change is the name of the game now, but we embrace this because we are allied with the forces of nature and we TRUST. In my initiation with the Mahavidyas in 2009 (described on the About page at, Kali said, “The time of change is upon the world.”  That time has come.  The collective consciousness of humanity is rising to new heights and with this comes growing pains.  Painful things will be witnessed over this Full Moon phase.  Wise owls all over the planet are working to hold the memory of the value and good in life.  It is quite a task when the world is unmooring into chaos.  In the midst of the destruction, we still find beauty and wonder in life.  We hold the flame.

REMIX – The Full Moon phase is highly alchemical – changing things from one state to another.  People and their ideas and projects are coming together to collaborate in expansive ways.  The wisdom of the ancient Mystery Schools is returning to humanity en masse.  It is a true Second Renaissance.  Be open to mixing with new people and learning from them.  Fantastic new creations will come from it.

Late yesterday I received a request from the Mahavidyas for a group meditation in advance of the Full Moon.  The designated time is Saturday, August 9 at 6:23 pm ET/10:23 pm PT.  If you are unavailable at that time, no problem.  You can perform the meditation anytime thereafter because the wave will be in place and you can tag onto it (just do it before the Full Moon Sunday at 2:09 pm ET/ 6:09 pm UT).  Sorry for the late notice, but the energy is very much in flux and messages are coming in “hot” in an unusual way.  (Wise owls are adept at adapting.)

I also discussed yesterday how Saturn’s energy is prominently featured during the Full Moon phase.  The minions of the “unnatural world order” will be hard at work to amp up the chaos, confusion, and destruction.  A number one tactic is to confound and confuse situations so much that people become fatigued from trying to figure it out.  It’s their form of alchemy.  It’s weak but effective.  Be aware.  (I think I am going to stick with the term “unnatural world order” instead of “new world order” or “old world order” because it isn’t really new and it isn’t really that old relative to human history.  Calling it the old world order is kind of an insult because old is actually the earth-based ways – the natural world order. But let’s not get too hung up on semantics!)

Wise owls may fly deep into a canyon this weekend, but we will fly up out of it, too.  Honor your feelings and then take them to a higher level.  The energy is crazy, but we can go crazy with love for life.

“Electric word, life, it means forever and that’s a mighty long time.” – Prince, Let’s Go Crazy

GROUP MEDITATION – Saturday, August 9, 2014: 6:23 pm ET/ 10:23 pm UT (or anytime thereafter).  Please note that Oracle Report group meditations have a loose framework that is open for personalization.  Add your own way of doing things into the mix.  It makes it all the better!

1- Place personal protection in place using your preferred method.  I highly recommend the Medicine Wheel of Protection (available on the Learn page at Light a candle if you are inclined and able.

2- Picture yourself as one massive stone in a giant ring of stones across the planet.

3-Close your eyes and go into your heart space.  You can think of something you love to get there.

4- Breathe deeply.

5- Repeat “I join Gaia Sophia and my brothers and sisters across her earth to uphold the beauty, goodness, and value of life.  We are united.”  Feel your heart sing.  Hold the meditation for as long as you like.

See you on the field of consciousness!



A Ring of Singing Stones

A Ring of Singing Stones

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