UPDATED: The Elite, Decapitation, and Obamacare, by William Davies (PHOTOS) . . . this is BIG, very, very BIG!!! and connected to the ebola false flag. . . ~J

Always so much gratitude to Jean Haines and BP for bringing  this information out into the forefront.

I feel that it is our job to dispel the lies and turn down the volume on the emotional charge of fear that the cabal routinely and systematically tries to instill in us. These tactic no longer work. We are Awake and Aware.

Stay in the light of Love and Faith. All Is Well, Athena

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Since Alfred is working very hard to identify the ebola pandemic as a false flag event, I sent him Laura Bruno’s article, The Ebola Scare, Global Pandemic, and the 2012 Olympics Ritual. He in turn, shared the one below with me, saying, “I posted it on Facebook and made reference to it in my article and interview because Christopher Story authenticates it in his book, THE NEW UNDERWORLD WORLD ORDER, which you can download (pdf) free atexopolitics.com

It is clear that decapitation by guillotine is listed as a legal form of execution within Obamacare.  It comes in through the WHO as an agency of the UN and shouldn’t be in a US law.

The UN and the WHO are both controlled by the western global elite, having set them up after WWII as a very disguised method of continuing Nazi power.  This is easily understood simply by knowing…

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