Oracle Report – Saturday, August 2, 2014 – Sunday, August 3, 2014

Symbol of An Alien Sky

Saturday, August 2 – Sunday, August 3, 2014 – – Laura Walker


Saturday: Crescent Moon Phase: expand

Sunday: First Quarter Moon Phase: step out

Moon in Libra/Scorpio

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Bhairavi (The Goddess Who Ignites the Heart)

Skill: lighten up

Negative Imprint: lost in the past, control issues, temper tantrums, imbalance

Positive Imprint: safe in the light, revitalization, rest, fun, creativity, balance


The Sun released a coronal mass ejection from an M1.5 flare yesterday at 2:12 pm ET/ 6:12 pm UT. This is the first CME since July 8, when a massive M6.5 flare erupted. Yesterday’s CME came just before the window of time I highlighted yesterday with the Moon’s opposition with Uranus. The Sun empowered/amped up/energized the entire electrical system of the solar system, and with it the approaching opposition between the Moon and Uranus. I suppose this was the “sonic boom” I referenced yesterday. (Yesterday’s report remains posted below. Wisdom is gained by looking back and understanding it in the light of today.)

The way to determine with the most specificity what energetic effect the CME has on the human psyche is to look at the degree of the Moon at the time of the CME. The Moon was located at 14 degrees of Libra at that time. The Sabian symbol for this degree is “in the heat of noon, a man takes a siesta.” The symbol discusses rest, rejuvenation, and meditation. It implies respite when things are at their height and the renewed strength that comes from it.

The two themes discussed yesterday were deep healing and revitalization.

The Sun (the divine being Sabaoth to the Gnostics) made a dramatic reappearance in the unfolding drama of humanity. It’s role in yesterday’s scene was to assist “the expanding and energizing of deep and meaningful changes, corrections, or rectifications that heal, transform, and liberate us.”

Look back to what was going on for you yesterday during the Moon/Uranus opposition between 4:30 pm ET/ 8:30 pm UT and 9:00 pm ET/ 1:00 am UT. “Any events that occur during this window of time ultimately serve to progress our personal evolution. Trust that the changes will put things in proper order.” What do you think of this today?

The energy of a noontime siesta remains in effect all weekend, courtesy of the Sun. Inspiration and new gradations of perspective are offered.

The past is close on our heels, haunting us and tempting us to turn back. We are like a ring of singing stones bridging over the chaos this month and we don’t stop singing mid-way in. We don’t stop while in mid-leap of faith. So we only want to look back in the past one day – yesterday. If a shadow from the deeper past tries to ensnare you, let it go. Focus back on the present moment and the energetic blessing Sabaoth bestowed on us. Lighten up. Go easy on yourself. Give in to fun. Find something beautiful.

A vibration of great power is created when we are able to hold two mindsets simultaneously. When we clearly see and hold the reality of the truth of the way the world is right now (and understand that it is undergoing transformation that we are a part of ) and at the same time are also able to appreciate and even love life, we are formidable beings. We split through the matrix and begin to weave things our own way. We change the dream.

Happy weekend, everyone.



From Wise Owl Savannah

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