Mystery as ‘Lake’ Appears in Middle of Tunisian Desert; Now Overnight Tourist Attraction [video]

Yesterday I had a meeting with my Spiritual group, and we discussed all of the amazing solar and earth phenomenon that have been happening lately.  We talked about the holes in Siberia, the pulsations coming from the Sun that are vibrating in the  7.8 Schumann Resonance frequency that is healing and supporting the Earth and humanity. We are entrained with Earth and the Sun. We are in a three-way symbiotic relationship with the Sun, Earth and Mankind.

We talked about the heating up of the super Volcano in Yellowstone, and how Earth’s electromagnetic grid is weakening. Many in the group stated that for the last several they too feel tired and weak.

BP this new lake in the Desert in Tunisia is amazing. I think all of these things are connected and are physical evidence that we are moving into the higher dimensions and that “the Event” is very close at hand. Thanks for all you do.
Blessing to All. Athena

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Thanks, Nick.

Fascinating. I was thinking the other day about the massive sinkholes and that bottomless, swirling eddy in Russia we saw a couple of years ago that just kept sucking meltwater and everything in it to some unknown destination… and recently the big hole in the ground in Russia, which appears it may be the roof of tunnels that collapsed, and now water surfacing in places where there hasn’t been any—it seems Gaia is truly cleaning house and rearranging the furniture.

Change is good, right? We want to stay away from that archon programming and predictability. Maybe Gaia does, as well.  

Maybe she’s exposing and cleaning out the reptilians’ tunnels. 

Unfortunately, in that heat, if there isn’t a constant flow of water to circulate the water, it will get nasty and they’ll have to ban swimming.  ~ BP

A mysterious lake that appeared suddenly in the Tunisian desert…

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