World Net Daily 7-30-14… “More mystery holes appear in Earth’s crust” or, “Is This How Gaia becomes more Holey?”

I am wondering if the weakening Electromagnetic grid and upcoming pole reversal have anything to do with these “Holes” in Russia? Thanks Kauialpele for this update. Blessings, Athena

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First hole discovered in Siberian region known as "the end of the world." Click to enlarge

This is quite the “mystery”. I’m not sure where I saw this, but it sure does seem the planet is trying it’s darnedest to become “Holier than Thou”.


More mystery holes appear in Earth’s crust

Holey moly!

The mystery over an unexplained, giant crater located at “the end of the world” in Siberia has just tripled with the discovery of two more giant craters.

As WND reported, scientists were rushing to northern Russia’s Yamal Peninsula, known to locals as “the end of the world,” to examine the first massive crater in mid-July.

CLICK HERE to view video at WND

Now two more holes have been located, one in the same permafrost region as the first, and a third on the Taymyr Peninsula, to the east, in the Kransoyark region.

Both craters were discovered by reindeer herders who nearly plunged into them. The initial hole is…

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