Oracle Report – Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Symbol of An Alien Sky

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 – – Laura Walker


Crescent Moon Phase: challenges

Moon in Virgo

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhairavi (Goddess Who Fortifies the Heart)

Skill: answer the call of your heart

Negative Imprint: arousing to negative action; false fronts; deliberately upsetting others or causing pain

Positive Imprint: arousing to positive action; equality; interconnection; celebrations


Chiron’s themes of wounding, healing, and teaching are strong today with the Moon opposing Chiron and Mars in opposition with the Chiron Point. This wave serves to push any lingering pain out of our hearts so that our heart’s desire shines through.

Hungry hearts result also. We have an inner drive to satisfy something, possibly something that is developing as an overwhelming need. When we are healing, we eventually become hungry. It’s a good sign. So the mission today is to answer the call of your heart. The Wisdom Goddess (Mahavidya) Bhairavi is working hard to bring burning passions to life. She sparks all kinds of things to creation.

Challenges to the status quo/standard order of things arise today. This energy has deeply imprinted political tones and tones that are used to call things to action. It arouses things. Things also spread very quickly, so take care with what you say. Of course, this means GOOD things can spread quickly, too!

Cooperation with others to achieve a certain goal is heavily favored over going things alone today.

All month long things that look good on the outside but have little merit or foundation on the inside cross our paths. Flashiness and superficiality cause clashes and crashes. We just can’t stomach certain things anymore. If you’ve reached your end with something that is grossly out of balance, rest assured that a new direction/way/opportunity is on its way. Soak up the Sun until then.

This month’s themes of bridging the gap, taking a leap of faith, and standing watch are pronounced today. Remember that together, we are like a ring of singing stones, emitting a song (frequency) that reverberates around the planet. It’s a song that upholds love and value of life – life right here and right now, life that is free from intrusion and control by others. It’s a heart-link that comes from the very bedrock of Gaia Sophia. Link up today.

Your support of the Oracle Report is much appreciated.


White Peacock

White Peacock as per Bhairavi’s Request


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