Something’s Up: Do You Feel It?

BP, I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s as if you read my mind with your thoughts and feelings expressed in this post.

As the electromagnetic field weakens it allows more heavenly information to come through.
Our bodies are being transformed on the quantum level and our vibrations are being quickened as we get more and more exposed to the loving energy of the cosmos and our creator.

These energies are bringing all things to the forefront in all ways and on all levels, both individually and collectively.

Thanks for you and all that you do. Athena

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Anybody out there feel like something big is about to be revealed?

I’m getting that, and a friend is pretty excited, too.

We’ve had the lightning bolt at the Library of Congress, the beams shooting out of the Capitol Dome in Washington, news that the cabal arrests are already underway, odd air traffic confirmations and military maneuvers including armoured vehicles…and when most of the world is against the US cabal, you know that’s probably a good thing.

We have virtual silence from the intel community… but messages via alternative means…if we’re open to them…

… such as angels telling us we have been set free… Cobra advising us to watch the stars, readers sharing that they’re seeing ships day and night and many channels saying we’re on the brink.

I have felt for some time that everything is pretty much done in the etheric, just in the process of moving…

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