More Freaky Stuff Going On: 12-Foot Angel Sings with Jason Upton

This is amazing. When I had my near-death experiences there was always choirs of angels singing. I am so excited and feel so blessed to hear this. Wow! Athena

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Thanks to Glenn Canady/ProjectNsearch for the heads up.

I just had to share. There’s a whole story along with this, and an audio, and I thought you’d like to hear it.

So, Jason Upton apparently channels messages from our Creator while he sings, and an angel came to help him deliver Creator’s message? Wow. I don’t believe angels deliver messages in person every day. I do recall one other time in history it supposedly happened though. It was when Jeshua incarnated. Interesting.

How do they know there was a 12 foot angel there? A little boy said he saw it, and as we know, children—particularly today’s children—have a more accurate perception of reality than we old folks who have been mind controlled and taught from birth that there are no angels, spirits, etc. here on Earth.

The recording was intact and it seems we may actually be hearing the voice…

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