Oracle Report – Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Symbol of An Alien Sky

Wednesday, June 25, 2014 – – Laura Walker


Balsamic Moon Phase: transform

Moon in Gemini

Ruling Mahavidya:  Bagalamukhi

Skill: make a change

Negative Imprint: entitlement, conflict, aggression, fear, argument, throwing people “under the bus,” domination, intimidation, elitism, impulsivity

Positive Imprint: respect, collaboration, true strength, defense of natural world order, confidence, inner authority, perseverance, creation of beautiful forms and structures, ancient traditions

Energies come together today to help us (finally?) see that it’s time to make a change and that forces are in play to facilitate those changes.  Personal changes ripple into changes within the collective.  We change and the world changes.  We answer a call to shift and transform and are rewarded with liberation from what binds us.  Change is one of the things that frees us from limitations.

Since we are a species working past it’s trauma, the word change can makes us cramp up and resist out of fear of impending pain.  But it doesn’t have to be this way anymore.  We are grounded with the planet, the divine Gaia Sophia, growing up and out of our problems.

We are seeds that have been planted, have popped out of their shells, have rooted themselves, have grown through the soil, and are now preparing to break through the surface.  Light and air are on the way.  This is the cycle of life.  Life is change.

Since we are in a time of great change – an energetic Renaissance of humanity- the energies are intense.  The list of historical negative imprints for the day is long, but so is the list of positive imprints that we can make.  We can change it.

We are at a major junction – a crossroad – and most everyone can feel it.  Conditions are ripe for transformation and liberation.  It may not look pretty, but, it is.  Don’t be fooled by the appearance that things are falling into an oblivion in which nothing will survive.  That’s what the Archons – the Terminators – want us to think.  They are crashing and cracking things because they are having a tantrum.  The jig is up and they are panicking.  They know they have to pull out the stops because the Spirit of Wisdom has returned and she is engaging with all of humanity.

Our role is to arouse ourselves to personal change so that the macro-changes are not so jarring.  Each of us is being divinely guided if we choose to see and hear on the inside and watch and listen outside (as in outdoors and in nature).  Turn away from the tricks of the matrix and turn to the wisdom that is offered by engaging with the planet.  Nature teaches us everything we need to know.

It’s a little early to start celebrating Independence Day (or maybe Re-Independence Day and you don’t have to be American to enjoy the spirit), but truly that is what is happening energetically.  The matrix shows a different version.  Fireworks will certainly ensue with the volatility of things, but see into it and beyond it.  We can handle anything that comes our way.


Sundog of Peace

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