4-6-14… “Jupiter Freaks Out and Almost Nobody Notices!”

This is really interesting. You will be in awe of the images of Jupiter caught in this video.

Thanks to Kauilapele

Kauilapele's Blog

jupiter_freaks_out_video_darin_crapo_snip Jupiter “freaks out”!!

[Note: while viewing this, it may be “required” to play this music in the background: http://youtu.be/EVZh4WcdC3s]

Thanks to Jane Evershed who sent this video to me via Facebook (I used the title from that one but this is not the one below). I went to the original at Chris Fortune’s channel, who filmed this from New Zealand (the video below), on 4-6-14, 1010 PM, New Zealand time.

http://youtu.be/J8AoKXoNGu8 (the big time action begins at about 6:00)

Darin Crapo’sUFO Planet Sightings Report, which included this, shows it with amplification (go to 1:45, and 3:10+).


KP comments… What struck me from this, is that I noticed, in the magnified version of this (especially at about 3:10+), there were a couple of what appeared to be “poles” sticking out from time to time, at approximately 180 degrees from each other (see the video snip…

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