Benjamin Fulford Update – June 16, 2014


Are all of these emergency meetings of world leaders leading to some big announcement?
Posted by benjamin – June 16, 2014

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Seemingly unrelated events like the trouble in the Ukraine, the emergence of new countries in the Middle East and a never ending stream of meetings of world leaders are all inter-connected and leading to some world altering event. The event could be the announcement of an entirely different, and more benevolent, way of running this planet. –  Enerchi


Li will also meet with Queen Elizabeth, head of the committee of 300, no doubt for some discussion that will involve more than just protocol. Our MI5 sources say the new financial system will be a topic of discussion at this meeting.

The Chinese and the Asians in general, for their part, told the WDS they are running out of patience with the West, especially the families that own the Federal Reserve Board.

Which brings us to note it is unlikely to be a coincidence that on Friday the 13th, on the day of a full moon closest to the Summer Solstice, a day of extreme occult symbolism, Richard Rockefeller, son of David Rockefeller, died in a plane crash.

This is what MI5 had to say about this crash: “the Piper crashed about 10 minutes after take-off which means that it could have reached pressurization altitude. Any problem with this process may have caused the pilot oxygen starvation. Alongside fuel cut-off and explosion, this is a trusted method of
aviation sabotage.”

The WDS was not involved in this incident in any way and extends its condolences to David Rockefeller and his family.

However, a CIA source, for his part, says that all senior cabal members are targets.

Full report can be read at ……

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