Oracle Report – June 17,2014

Symbol of An Alien Sky

Tuesday, June 17, 2014 – – Laura Walker


Disseminating Moon Phase: share

Moon in Aquarius/Pisces

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagala (The Paralyzer, The Storm-Calmer)

Skill: be like a sunflower and turn to the light


The heavens unite today for a party of galactic proportion. The Earth moves to the degree of the Galactic Center, forming an alignment called a “conjunction” in astrology. Energetic resonance results.

The energetic signature for the this degree is “a sculptor’s vision taking form.”

The ancients understood and passed down to us, barely, knowledge of the nature of the Galactic Center and the nature of Earth. The Galactic Center is the home of the Generators of Life. They are beings who configure codes of life and seed them into the galaxy for growth. They generate life from raw life force.

The raw life force is bestowed to them by the Creator, called the Originator.

The Earth is the embodiment of one of these Generators. Her name is Sophia and she is the Generator of Wisdom. A female Generator is understood by us to be a goddess; therefore she is also called the Goddess of Wisdom.

Through a series of events that are detailed in the greatest story, she is pulled out of the Galactic Center, her home, and begins morphing into physicality, eventually becoming the planet Earth. She is thus Gaia-Sophia.

An energetic reunion with her home occurs when the Earth reaches the degree of the Galactic Center. The nature of the energy is creativity – as in from the Creator. It’s like a sculptor’s vision taking form. It’s the power for concrete manifestation. It’s the power of life.

Under these energetic influences, an influx of energy for revitalization occurs. Energy for life is sent. Life. Living

We celebrate the value of life and living today.

In response, negativity is a strong tempter today. If you experience this, turn your face to the Sun or to the stars. Aim like a sunflower. There’s a higher energetic frequency to connect to today and it helps us grow. Look away from the darkness. Turn toward the light. Something much grander than we know if happening.



Meditation scheduled for noon EST/ 4:00 pm UTC.

Oracle Report meditations are never dogmatic with strict rules because we uphold the principle of freedom. Modify these guidelines with your own touches and preferences. It only makes the endeavor more beautiful. And if you cannot join at the specified time, you can hitch on at any time later, since the wave will already be in place. Here are the general guidelines:

Sophia-Galactic Center Meditation – Tuesday, June 17 at noon EST/ 4:00 pm UTC (and anytime thereafter):

Put in place your personal protection (Medicine Wheel of Protection, surround yourself in a pillar of light, etc.)
Go outside if possible. Feel your connection with the Earth, Gaia Sophia. The latitude and longitude coordinates of where you are is where you are anchored in the grid of earth. In your minds eye, pull the energy up from the Earth and through your body, out through the top of your head, and launch it toward the sky. Aim like Sagittarius, the Archer. The energy is going to 26 Sagittarius 22 in the sky – Sophia’s home and our second home. Say “home.” Feel home.
Allow the inflow back from the Galactic Center, down through your head, down through your body, and back into the Earth. This completes the circuit.
Do something celebratory and make a day of it as best you can. The expansion of consciousness that comes from aligning and allying with our First Home (the Earth) and our Second Home (the Galactic Center) happens one day each year. Open up to receiving.




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