Rockefeller Reveals 911 Fraud and New World Order to Aaron Russo [video]

BP at Startship Earth – The Big Picture put out some excellent information today. Thanks for all your hard work for the light…. We love you!

In a post entitled Education for an Awaking World, I included Aaron Russo’s film America: Freedom to Facism in which he discloses information about the IRS and the destruction of civil liberties, as well as information about the Rockefeller’s.  Aaron crossed over in August 2007, and we will be forever grateful for what he did to bring truth and light to our world and our collective consciousness through film.

In deep appreciation, Athena

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

... until the Revelation about Microchips.It’s an Alex Jones interview, but notwithstanding, it’s  top notch and spells out the agenda very clearly. Jones’ audio was so low you couldn’t hear him anyway.

Nicholas Rockefeller actively recruited Russo to join the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), but he refused.

Why were Russo’s revelations so difficult to swallow? Russo ran for Governor of Nevada, for Pete’s sake!

Regardless, now we see what he spoke of has transpired in front of our eyes, yet STILL many refuse to recognize it.  Very soon they’ll have no choice, my friends, will they?

Yes, when the mainstream media is ours once again and it’s broadcast on the evening news—THEN they may believe it.  Then they will have to accept that the “conspiracy theories” weren’t “theories” at all—and that Humanity has been led down the garden path for so long they’ve forgotten where they were going, they simply followed all the road…

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