Oracle Report – June 2, 2014

Symbol of An Alien Sky

Monday, June 2, 2014 – – Laura Walker


Crescent Moon Phase: expansion

Moon in Leo along with the Black Moon – conjunction around 6:00 pm ET/ 10:00 pm UT

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi (The Paralyzer, The Storm-Calmer)

Skill: believe

Negative Imprint: losing faith and hope; fear of the future

Positive Imprint: maintaining faith and hope; enthusiasm for the future


Today is one of the most powerful days of the month to gain knowledge, experience, wisdom, and strength. This will happen in various ways.

Interests, talents, skills, aptitudes, and creativity that have become dormant or untapped in our lives come to the forefront. The situations and circumstances that develop in your life today conspire to expand these parts that lie deep inside.

The inner strength of others teaches us something. Our ability to maintain even a glimmer of light today goes a long way in the collective of humanity. Think about how effective a roaring fire blazing out from your heart would be. How do you stoke that fire? Go outside for a moment, breathe in the air (no matter the “quality”), and reconnect with nature (no matter how little nature there is where you are at the time). In that moment, open up to the knowledge that a renaissance is happening on Earth. Dare to be enthusiastic.

New perspectives are offered from those who are new to something. You may be the one with more experience or you may be the novice. If prompted to speak your opinion or ask a question about something that is meaningful to you, voice it. This is especially true for collaborations today. The addition of different perspectives will enrich it for everyone.

There is much to be positive about today, but it may become harder to remember this because the Moon will move into the same energetic area as the Black Moon (exact conjunction at 6:06 pm ET/ 10:06 pm UT). As we go through the day, the Moon will get closer and closer to the Black Moon, which means the potential for encounters with our shadow sides and the shadow sides of others grows. This signals and opportunity to learn something – not something to fear. (If you are new to the Oracle Report, you can look up the sign of your own Black Moon in the Appendix of my book on the Black Moon available for free download on the Books tab. Then refer to Chapter 2 for an explanation of the Black Moon in that sign. This will give you insight into the core fear that holds you back in life. It shows you how you tend to project your shadow side onto others if you are not aware.)

Shadow sides are strong today and tomorrow, but this is especially true for Leos or Aquarians and those who have the Black Moon in Leo or Aquarius. Remember that you are undergoing a significant death and rebirth process. Be kind and gentle with yourself. Pace yourself and give yourself time for answers to appear.

Since everyone’s shadow sides are triggered to some degree today, we want to give people space. Mercury’s impending retrograde is already producing flare-ups in how people are communicating with each other. Though the energy is prompting us to stand up for ourselves, we want to keep things respectful. Also, be patient when driving and traveling.

If you find yourself struggling today, re-read yesterday’s report in the Archives to understand the double power of Crescent Moon phase energy that we are under through Wednesday.

Bagalamukhi, the aspect of the Wisdom Goddess Gaia-Sophia who is known as The Paralyzer, works with us to teach us how to stop, disengage, or relieve things. If there is something you want to stop doing, disengage from, or get relief with, ask her to facilitate this. She calms any storms that are brewing or have been raging.

But let’s circle back now to the main message for today’s report: Today is one of the most powerful days of the month to gain knowledge, experience, wisdom, and strength.

Click here for the link to interview on “Galactic Connection” with Alexandra Meadors – May 27, 2014. (2:08 pm ET 5-29-14: Link repaired. Listen to the interview and you will understand the reason for the interference.)


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