Oracle Report – May 30, 2014

Symbol of An Alien Sky

Friday, May 30, 2014 – – Laura Walker


New Moon Phase: begin

Moon in Gemini/Cancer

Ruling Mahvidya: Bagalamukhi (The Storm-Calmer)

Skill: be like a giraffe and gaze far ahead

Negative Imprint: impulsivity; self-sabotage; preoccupation with disaster, catastrophe, strife

Positive Imprint: measured responses; self-understanding; bright future


Today’s energy is stormy! But we don’t need to worry because the Wisdom Goddess who is the Storm-Calmer is on duty. She comes, sometimes at the last minute, to help us save the day.

The energy is electrical and theatrical. It’s a great day for a show, but some will turn this into a tantrum. Attention is sought. A “breaking point” may come and situations can get out of control. Control is a prominent theme today. At times it may feel like we have no influence or power over what is happening or what is being unleashed. Nervous reactions and anxiety can result. The tendency toward self-sabotage is heightened, as is the tendency to plunge head-first without thinking. Big shake-ups can occur. We may feel tested to the limit or at the limits of limbo. Be forewarned of these potentials, and if you find yourself in the middle of a storm, detach yourself from the situation. Pull out your energy. Keep your cool. Walk away. Ask Bagalamukhi for guidance.

However, the potential for electrifying flashes of intuition and golden opportunities also occurs today. This is enhanced by remaining in the present moment while at the same invoking the skill of being like a giraffe and seeing far off into the horizon (the future or perhaps even the past). Giraffes are gracefully grounded in place but their ability to have a high observation point (due to their long necks) enables them to see far into the distance. This perspective brings the gift for seeing results and consequences in advance, which is a very handy gift indeed today. Be a wise giraffe before making any important decisions or taking important action. See the consequences and go from there. If you need further insight, clarification, or information, ask Bagalamukhi and then watch for signs, synchronicities, and messages. Remember that these can come in the form of animal sightings and encounters. Refer to Animal Speak by Ted Andrews for information about the messages and “medicine” that each animal carries.

Voices are exceptionally powerful today, so make sure yours is representing yourself the way you would like. Voices spewing things that are unkind, untrue, unnatural, or unwise will be cut off. You may be the one to do it. Release any inhibitions and strike a chord.

All the world is a stage everyday and we are each playing our roles, but today it is especially so. Open your heart and take advantage of any opportunities that fall on your path. Remember that we are wise enough and powerful enough to calm any storms that arise, but we also have help if needed. And she is very, very good at what she does, so don’t hesitate to call upon her. What’s your play today?

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