Oracle Report – May 29, 2014

Symbol of An Alien Sky

Thursday, May 29, 2014 – – Laura Walker


New Moon Phase: begin

Moon in Gemini

Ruling Mahvidya: Bagalamukhi

Skill: see shifts, turns, and changes as alignment with your true path

Negative Imprint: smugness, condescension, separation

Positive Imprint: refreshment, direction, duty


Venus enters Taurus and Mercury enters Cancer today, adding to the changing tone of energy that comes with a New Moon. Many things will shift today – shifts of focus, shifts of preference, shifts of perspective, shifts in attitude, shifts in loyalty, shifts in direction.

Over the next month we are coming forward for ourselves and standing up for ourselves. We are building inner strength and discipline to carry on with our life’s purposes. Today’s contribution to the energy has us resetting our sights – our aim – to align with those life purposes and missions. Things that we need – information, connections, introductions, support, and guidance – come to us to today.

In the audio recording for last month, I talked about the window of time between Mars stationing direct and Mercury stationing retrograde (May 21 – June 6) as the time when we want to “tee something up and hit it hard.” During this window of time, any preparations that are made to launch or project your ideas or work will yield bountiful results later.

Today also carries energetic signatures of the need to give or receive help. The Earth is at the degree related to the “inner child” and focuses on assisting those who are less experienced overcome challenges. You may be called upon to share your wisdom. Also, we are directed in some way to re-connect with our own inner child. That means we should integrate some play and fun into the day. What does your inner child want to do? Coloring a mandala may suffice. Here’s the Oracle Report logo mandala designed by wise owl Szabi that can be printed and colored.

It is unadvisable to go into anything unprepared or overconfident today. Make sure a plan or strategy is in place before moving forward. The tendency today is to rush forward in a sweep of Gemini energy, but composure is necessary. If you are in a situation where you need to defend yourself, make sure you are “armed” with information and facts and be sure to put a shield of protection around yourself. Honoring or praying to the four directions, above and below, and outward sets a “medicine wheel” around you that is impenetrable.

I will talk more about the Medicine Wheel of Protection (and the Wisdom Goddess on duty this month) when I record the month’s overview with Andrew tomorrow. Look for that to be posted tomorrow afternoon. And speaking of Andrew, the wise owl who founded and is the administrator of the Oracle Report Facebook community, let’s wish him a happy birthday today! Andrew’s help is a labor of love so let’s send some of it back to him today.

Set your aim high and ride through the shifts that occur today. Above all, find time to play!

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