Science and Spirituality – Dr. Len Horowitz – The Secret of Vibration 528 Hz


For many years society has tried to keep science and spirituality completely separate, but with the combination of  Ancient Wisdom and the New Science we are realizing  that we need both sides to create wholeness, harmony and balance in our lives.

We are also coming to realize that Science and Spiritually were never separate in the first place. Society was using two different languages to describe the same thing.

Here is a Coast-to-Coast interview with Dr. Len Horowitz who has rediscovered the ancient Solfeggio frequencies of creation and nature.  In the beginning was the word, (sound) and the word said “Let there be light.”  (Light) and from that point  on, all matter was created through light and sound. We are made from different frequencies of Light and Sound.   We are made from the frequencies of Love and Light.


After I heard this interview with Dr. Len Horowitz I began to listen to the 528 hz  as often as I can.  My plants love it and on the very first day they began to perk up and Thrive.  I love it.  Here are a couple of videos that I like to listen to before I go to bed at night or when I meditate.




In Joy and Love, Athena


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