Oracle Report – May 21, 2014

Symbol of An Alien Sky

Wednesday, May 21, 2014 –


Third Quarter Moon Phase: analyze, complete

Moon in Pisces

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhuvaneshvari (Goddess of the Spoken Word) and Tara (Goddess of Compassion)

Skill: commanding not chasing

Negative Imprint: denial of self and needs

Positive Imprint: acceptance of self and needs


Today we crave happiness. It’s the motivating factor behind all feelings, actions, and insights today. It prompts us to move in new directions and see through things to the truth.

The craving for happiness is a strong drive that often manifests first as unhappiness. Dissatisfaction with the current state of things/emotions causes us to feel like something is missing. We tend to then begin a chase (in our minds or in the physical world) to determine what is missing and then to get it.

But it’s wiser to not undertake a chase. It’s wiser to command the energy than be commanded by it. To do that, today we speak what we want instead of questing after it. Speaking your desire to the Wisdom Goddess Bhuvaneshvari, the Goddess of the Spoken Word, speeds up the process. We can command the source field (or the universe, collective consciousness, or whatever you prefer to call the world around you – I would call it the dreaming of Gaia Sophia) but the Wisdom Goddesses work magic with it. If dissatisfaction creeps into your emotions today or if the craving for something is driving you a little wild, all you need to do is say, “Bhuvaneshvari, I am (state your name). I desire (fill in the blank). Thank you for hearing me.” Then let it go. See what comes back to you and don’t set a time limit.

Before speaking your desire, however, make sure that you don’t already have what you want. Ask yourself if you already have everything you need. Don’t be ungrateful. Look at the blessings in your life. If something is missing which would truly help you dwell in a happier “place” (mentally, emotionally, or physically), by all means put it to Bhuvaneshvari.

It is also a good idea to do something to reinforce the intentions you set at the New Moon in Aries (the astrological new year) and again at the New Moon in Taurus. We are entering the final moon phase of energy that sets the tone for the rest of the year (this astrological year lasts through March 2015). Restate your intentions, goals, and wishes or do something that rekindles them. Visualize them or light a candle – focus on them in some way. Revisit your “Wish Board” if you created one.

If you need to purchase a big-ticket item, particularly something electronic, the window of time to do so is between now and June 6. Mercury will station retrograde on June 7, and it is not advisable to make big purchases or initiate something important during Mercury retrograde. This window of time is also for putting yourself out there or expanding something. Communication and presentation are highlighted.

We can see through barriers today, which means we can see what is barring happiness. Usually we are our own barrier. But we have ample help available to get out of our own way. No one has to be a super human and do everything by themselves. We have allies. What a relief!

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