Oracle Report – May 19, 2014

Symbol of An Alien Sky


Disseminating Moon Phase: communication, messages

Moon in Aquarius

Skill: be like the wise old owl in the tree who safely observes (go inside yourself and observe)

Negative Imprint: ego-centricity, strutting, being “all over the place”

Positive Imprint: grace, integrity, maintaining center


After moving retrograde (backward in the sky) since March 2, Mars finally moves direct (forward in the sky) overnight tonight.  But today, Mars is virtually at a standstill, and the build-up of its energy brings pressure.  Under this influence, we find ourselves at a standstill as well.

This brings a feeling that we are “on hold” or at a stop.  Perhaps you find yourself at a crossroad with something today.  This is Mars’ final push to help us see where we feed energy to situations that feel hopeless, lost, or stone cold.  The question to ask is if the situation provides nourishment for you.  If you do not know, energies are in place to help you understand or get the message today.

Additionally, today and tomorrow are “Black Moon days.”  Everyone’s core fear is triggered on these days, but right now Leos and Aquarians and those with the Black Moon in Leo or Aquarius are triggered the most.  Black Moon days are an opportunity for tremendous personal growth and evolution.  They provide us with an opportunity to make friends with our shadow side.  For example, if you have the Black Moon in Pisces, circumstances develop to help you heal your trust issues.  Those with the Black Moon in Gemini, for example, will face the possibility of rejection or disapproval.  How we handle these situations shows how well we have integrated our shadow side.

Since the Moon is in Aquarius, power issues and power struggles contribute to the flavor of the energy today.  There is also potential for lots of parading and prancing to gain attention or to make a show of things.

On Black Moon days, our instincts kick in and our emotions have a tendency to dominate our responses.  This is why it is best to practice the shamanic skill of being like a wise old owl in the tree.  When we step back and take the stance of observer, we have time to think about how we want to respond.  Wise owls are skillful in recognizing when their shadow sides are being engaged and then take the high road.  (It’s helpful to re-read the section in my book that corresponds to the sign in which your Black Moon resides.  Check the Appendix if you don’t know yours.)  Remember that the idea is to make friends and integrate our shadow side, healing the core fear that we are separated from our Source and are alone.  We maintain a sense of grace on Black Moon days and endeavor to conduct ourselves with the highest integrity.  This holds the field or fabric of consciousness in place while negative forces try to intrude and create havoc.  The most dramatic effects of the Black Moon energy occur between 3:30 pm ET/ 7:30 pm UT and 8:30 pm ET/ 00:30 am UT.

Change is the name of the game today, so even if you don’t know where your changes are going to lead, follow along.  The energy of Mars stationing direct has us confused and looking in all directions, not knowing exactly where we are going.  When we don’t know what to do about something, it’s best not to do anything until clarity returns.  Ride this feeling out with patience, as the energy will shift tomorrow when the direct motion of Mars in full force.  In fact, prepare for a slingshot effect tomorrow.

Be aware that other themes today include someone (possibly you) needing help (ask Bhunvaneshvari and Tara); situations breaking apart; pranks and tricks; feeling taken advantage of; using groups for a personal agenda; taking more of one’s share or not taking one’s share; the need to remain non-judgmental; and over-reliance on others.

Though the energies require skill to navigate today, we know that if things become overwhelming for us, we can turn to nature for relief.  Pay special attention to birds and look up the corresponding message of that type of bird in Animal Speak.  There’s a flurry of messages with them today.  Be wise and be observant.

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