Foster Gamble – Whats Really Going On In The Ukraine

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How do oil pipelines, the IMF and the Western banking cabal all meet in Ukraine?

To unpack any international event requires an ever-expanding awareness of the history, economics, resource and trade dynamics of the countries involved. Knowing where to look for clues helps reveal the similarities in seemingly unrelated events. The lens that THRIVE offers can be helpful in understanding the history of the global banking system, which is relevant no matter what country or issue you are trying to unravel.

In the case of Ukraine, Kimberly and I were recently in an informal Q&A where someone asked our perspective. The following short video is a first-level overview of some of the issues we think are operative. It is neither in-depth nor comprehensive, but it does include broken promises, the petrodollar, pipelines, the IMF and the Western banking cabal. The BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) have been collaborating in forming their own international bank, an alternative non-NSA infected Internet and their own alternative financial rating agency — that relies on asset-backed valuation. These are key to further understanding, and we will be addressing them in future blogs.

For now, we offer this spontaneous, short video with hopes that it is helpful for your own critical thinking about this momentous and precarious global dynamic.

I believe that our awareness and vocal demand that there be no aggression can have significant influence, as has been demonstrated with Iran and Syria in recent months.

What if the people of the region of Ukraine were forgiven their predatory fiat debts and then actually left alone — free of “super-power” bullying and grabbing?


Suggested Reading

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